Whip It

Whip It Movie Review

              When a problem comes along, you must Whip It. That is basically the WHOLE concept of the film of the same name. Drew Barrymore’s directing debut is done so with a style that is as conceptual as an ordinary movie. Nothing extraordinary. (more…)

Box Office Hypothesis…

So the tallies are in (Kinda), and it appears that ZombieLand has shredded its way up to number one, knocking down 2 week champ CWACOM….As well as the Re-re-re-re-release of ToyStory1&2 3-D EDITION!!!!!(I’m using echo effects on the word edition). Here is the skinny from THR:

Sony grabbed the two top boxoffice rungs Friday, as action comedy “Zombieland” stalked an estimated $9.4 million in its first day and the distributor’s leggy 3D animated feature “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” served up $3.7 million.

The “Zombieland” tally was on the lower end of prerelease expectations, with the Woody Harrelson starrer now challenged to reach a forecasted range for its opening of $25 million-$30 million. But “Meatballs” looks headed for another meaty session and totes cumulative domestic boxoffice of $69.3 million through 15 days in release.

Unfortunately, the Drew Barrymore directed “Whip It” starring the, growing hotter by the day, Ellen Page, roared into a a patch of gravel…Sadly making this cute, dulled razor sharp,girl power, chick-chic flick into 6th place. Possibly developing a cult status for itself, but…Probably not.