It’s worth remembering that before the recent brouhaha about Edgar Wright and Ant-Man that this episode wasn’t the first time that Marvel Studios has struggled in its relationship with talent. There was Terrence Howard‘s somewhat unceremonious replacement as James “Rhodey” Rhodes in the Iron Man movies, and there was that time Eward Norton‘s Bruce Banner suddenly looked a lot like Mark Ruffalo. But in in one specific case, it appears that bygones aren’t yet bygones. During a recent interview, actor Mickey Rourke re-affirmed that if he gets a collect call from Marvel, he will not be accepting the charges. (more…)


Paramount just released the newest Iron Man 2 poster, featuring Mickey Rourke as Whiplash, aka Ivan Vanko.  He’s basically a Russian guy who also built an Iron-Man-style suit, only his doesn’t have a helmet or any protective gear, because that would just be ridiculous. Note: This is still Whiplash in the first stage of his costume — expect to see this design change during the course of the film.

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Reelzchannel has stated;

The latest image of Whiplash comes from a Marvel announcement of a new comic book series, Iron Man Vs. Whiplash, which Marvel Editor Bill Rosemann boasts will connect to the movie by filling in the details of Whiplash’s history before he appears in Iron Man 2

Is this the final version of Whiplash’s costume for Iron Man 2?

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Did this too leak? Or was it purposefully lost in the cracks of the machine that is Marvel?