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Posted mere hours ago, the first trailer for Cartoon Network‘s upcoming Thundercats show is live. Uploaded to their official Facebook page the trailer is unfortunately un-embeddable. Hopefully as the day goes on we can rectify that, until then hop on over to their Facebook page to view. But then come back! I’ll wait.

Awesome, right? Exciting? Piqued your interest for when the series begins this summer? I hope so because it has Piqued mine. The CN is in desperate need of good action cartoons, particularly after cancelling Symbionic Titan (those fools!) and with Star Wars: The Clone Wars on break. I think Thundercats will be a hit. I’m really liking the look of the animation and, at least in this trailer, we see a lot of the ‘Cats in action on Thunderra. Meaning we’ll explore more of Thunderra and hopefully even meet more ‘Cats.

And what of those six? Well, obviously Lion-O is featured quite a bit, we see him taking the Sword of Omens and kicking a little kitty ass. Cheetara and Tygra are feature the most after him, they both are shown as capable fighters, teaming up with Lion-O for something. Sadly, we don’t see any Panthro in these clips. There  are quick looks at WilyKit, WilyKat and Snarf. Theres’s also no talking in this teaser, just a very exciting, cinematic score. Which if that’s where they’re heading with series’ music, I approve.

Hopefully we’ll get to hear some dialogue soon. Lion-O is voiced by Will Friedle, Tygra by Matthew Mercer, Cheetara by Emmanuelle Chriqui, and Panthro by Kevin Michael Richardson.

Of course, what we’re all waiting for is whether they’ll have a kick-ass theme song like the 80s cartoon did. I think it should be a requirement. And if they don’t use the classic theme at least get James Lipton to write the new one as well.

What do you guys think of the trailer? Pumped for new Thundercats or will this series never eclipse your love of the original?

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We’re getting some interesting news as production tidbits are dribbled out to Thundercats fans. I wasn’t thrilled with the thought of an anime style Thundercats but the more we learn, the more excited I’m getting to see the final product. Kevin Micheal Richardson and Emmanuelle Chriqui were announced as the voices of Panthro and Cheetara.

I’m all a Nerdbastard giggly about these two working on Thundercats. Below are some interviews both did about their roles on Thundercats. The casting of Will Friedle (Batman Beyond) as Lion-O was also dropped in there. Check out the photos versus the character drawings above, is it just me or do these actors even look like the Thundercats they will be voicing?

Kevin Michael Richardson, who voices the character Cleveland Jr. in The Cleveland Show spoke recently to MTV News about bringing Panthro back to the small screen:

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Entourage vet Emmanuelle Chriqui, spoke to Collider.com about how her new love of voice work and revealed that she is a part of the animated ThunderCats cast:

“I suddenly have a budding career in voice-over work. I’m doing ThunderCats right now, and I did the pilot for Tron. It supposedly got picked up, but I have no idea when we’re going to be filming more. But, Tron was the first time I read a pilot for voice-over work where I was like, “I have to do this.” I love doing voice-over. It’s so fun.”

“But, the audition process, obviously, isn’t the same. It was the first time where I was literally like, “Did I get it? Did we get feedback yet? I really love this part!” It’s really well written, like a real television show.”

Just look at that picture of Chriqui above and know that while your touching yourself and thinking of Cheetara, that’s the woman whose voice you’ll be hearing, telling you to Thundercats, Thundercats, Thundercats, HOOOOOOO!!!!!

Life is good, life is damn good.

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