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You may remember a little cross-promotion we did a few months back with our friends over at Will Pwn 4 Food and their awesome in-development debut game called Dodgebots. The one that will let you chose between ‘Free to Play’ and ‘Pay to Play’ modes in a variety of fast-paced 3D arenas for real cash and prizes all from the comfort of your own home.

Well, time flies. The game has now officially launched over at willpwn4food.com!

Featuring art and design from former Nerd Bastards’ writer Blake Stevenson, a match/game in Dodgebots can last anywhere from several minutes in length to day long tournaments with multiple opponents all looking for that top spot. In an official press release from Will Pwn 4 Food’s Master Chief Executive Officer Ivan Lukianchuk described what gamers can expect from their debut title:

“We wanted a game that was simple and short, but that would provide an adrenaline packed experience that would make your heart pound and your hands shake. We combined the fast action dodging of Unreal Tournament with the insanity and instinct driven nature of sudden death Bomberman matches. What resulted is a game that allows players with the most skills to outlast those who can’t handle the pressure, and reap the resulting rewards.”

Playable across all major browsers with the Unity Webplayer, Dodgebots is one of those flagship titles that draws a player in and continues to bring the good times, much like Goldeneye did in the heyday of Nintendo 64 or Halo 4 currently does with the Xbox 360. A hybrid of our childhood love of robots and our mortal fear of dodge balls, geared towards those looking to get a little more out of their gaming experience in a fun and easy to learn game with tons of play-ability and enjoyment.

These Canucks from Waterloo, Ontario can and should be proud of all their success so far, they have a lot more coming their way.

Be sure to check out the gallery after the jump for what you can personally expect and head over to willpwn4food.com and register yourself for some robot running, ball dodging action now.

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Hey Bastards!

Do like computer games? Well, we’ve got an Exclusive for you!

Will Pwn 4 Food’s DodgeBots is a fast-action 3D game where you use your skills to dodge a faceful of balls!

Like a Mario Party mini-game, DodgeBots is simple to pick up but hard to master! We combine the fast action dodging of Unreal Tournament and the intensity of overtime in Bomberman! But that’s not all…


Like Poker, you buy into a game and use your skills to compete against others to win cash!


P.S. Don’t forget to patient with us… it is still a beta BUT feel free to comment and help us fix bugs!

Wanna see what else Will Pwn 4 Food is up to follow them on twitter: @WillPwn4Food