Windows 7

Screen shot 2010-05-05 at 3.27.43 PM

What we have here is a video of a Terminator, who is begging for money to recharge his depleted energy at the vending machine which sells it. The camera man/passerby gives the metallic beggar a quarter. The Terminator charges up then proceeds to finish is secret mission. Which is to fuck up the local Apple store.

It’s a fun and well done video with a clever theme. Windows should definitely consider this for commercial use. It’s much more enjoyable than those stupid “I’m a PC” ads.

source: toplessrobot

Windows 7 Whopper: Only In Japan


If you had to choose, would you pick the Whopper or the Big Mac?? Well, if your answer was the Whopper keep on reading….For 7 days ONLY (and if you hop on a plane to Japan) you will be able to buy a 7-beef-patties stacked Whopper in celebration of Windows 7. AND, if you are one of the first seven costumers of the day you will be able to purchase this monstrosity for  ¥777 (or $8.55 in layman terms). However, if you arrive late (after the 7th costumer) be ready to dish out a “whopping” ¥1,450 ($17.10). For a Whopper that’s over 5 inches tall it just might be worth it! Wanna see the whole thing? Check out the full pic after the jump.