While J.K Rowling has mentioned before that she could defintely see herself writing another Harry Potter book one day, but no time soon.  On the Oprah show Friday she had a lot more to say:

“I could definitely write an eighth, ninth, tenth.  I’m not going to say I won’t. I don’t think I will … I feel I am done, but you never know.”

It sounds to me like Rowling is just spouting bullshit. Personally, with all the hype and excitement around the last film being released in an epic two part conclusion, it seems like a poor idea to say that there will “potentially” be more books.  Part of the joy of the experience is being taken away from us.   Knowing that something we think is ending we’re so emotionally invested in makes it feel cheap for Rowling to just say, “Okay, here’s some more”.  Is Rowling just being a money grubbing witch or would there be some real value and validity in continuing the series?  My only concern is that people would be tired of the franchise and exhausted of having it shoved down their throats.  I mean it has a theme park, come on man!  Check out Rowling on Oprah after the jump.



Harry Potter: Witchcraft Propaganda


Oh, Sweet Baby Jesus and the Orphans! WTF, are these people actually serious? The contents of this vid, show Occult “specialists” trashing Harry Potter for luring children into the ways of witchcraft. Now, I’m no Potter fan, I’m a Lord of the Rings guy, but as an author myself I have strong feelings towards people getting the fear of God struck into a few of these parents who may forbid their children’s FICTIONAL reading. Print is dead (Egon from Ghostbusters quote), so in the last decade with the Potter phenom engaging these children and getting them back into reading, it’s is definitely a positive and being overlooked by these fuck heads. Check out the video, the “Eyes Wide Shut” style animal masked rituals is NOT what your kids are up to. And comparing Potter’s lightning bolt to Hitler? Because of the power through Thor? Guess what? Almost every of religion since BC has used the symbol of the lightning bolt as a sign of power. Thor is Norse, Zeus was Greek, even Native Americans considered lightning to be a powerful symbol.

But watch the video and formulate your own opinion, I have seen religious fanatics of all denominations call their conquests the will of God…These people here? Just fucken attention grabbers. I’m sure occult “specialists” aren’t raking in the dough. (Via Topless)