With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story

To see Stan Lee in person is to witness a display of dynamism and enthusiasm that is both unbelievable and delightful — after all, the man is 89 years old and he certainly owes no one a tap dance. Still though, he performs, he glad-hands, he gushes about everything and everyone around him — perpetually playing the content, shrugging, jovial old man; the legend, the architect and now mascot for Marvel Comics.

We want to like Lee, and he makes it easy. We want to learn more about him, but that is made hard because we’ve been fed his smile-inducing anecdotes and the history of his and Marvel’s rise for years and years. It isn’t his fault, the man’s been living in the public eye for nearly half a century, feeding the quest for insight on his work for just as long — trouble is, there are unexplored areas of Lee‘s career, questions that are rarely asked, and never fully answered.

It was my great hope going into With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story, that we would get a look into the mindset of Lee and get a fuller examination of his take on the more controversial elements of his career and still developing situations like the fight being waged against Marvel by the family of departed comic legend, Jack “King” Kirby, the artist and co-creator of many of Marvel Comics’ (and before it, Timely Comics’) most lasting and iconic characters. Sadly, this is not that kind of “documentary”, but rather it is a moving biography that never really feels objective or independent. (more…)

Stan Lee Live Streaming Q&A

You can’t be on this site and not know who Stan Lee is and you have to appreciate his contribution to comic books and now, comic book movies no matter your stance on creator rights and the whole Kirby v. Marvel struggle. Lee is making the rounds now in an effort to promote the Epix documentary With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story, and as a part of that, Lee sat down with Geoff Boucher (Hero Complex) to answer some viewer questions, and a members of the press, including we Bastards here at NerdBastards.

Take a look at the stream, which is embedded below, and look out for our review of With Great Power later this week.

Bits and pieces keep trickling out about the upcoming Epix documentary, With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story and we are morally obligated to show them all to you.

In this latest clip, Mr. Lee talks about his penchant for exploring real world issues like diversity and race withing the Marvel Universe. Check out the end of the clip for a testimonial from an avowed fan and major contributor to the cinematic legacy of the X-Men, that’s right Brett Ratner put down the shrimp and he has something to… nah, it’s Bryan Singer.

With Great Power: The Story of Stan Lee premiers on Epix and EpixHD.com on April 27th during their Marvel Heroes Weekend April 27th to the 29th.

This is a picture of Stan Lee on a Harley at tonight’s Avengers world premier.

Yes, you read that right. Gene Simmons and Stan Lee will be in the same room- at the same time- this Tuesday as part of a special Sundance film festival event. This joining of the two biggest names in pop culture centers around the Sundance debut of Stan’s documentary, With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story.

For those of us that didn’t know Stan even had a documentary out, With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story  will show viewers everything from Stan’s early days, the creation of some of his 500 characters, to what ‘The Man’ has been up to lately. It’s a trip down memory lane with personal insights from close family, colleagues and celebrity friends like Patrick Stewart and Paris Hilton (no comment).

Here’s the trailer:

The pairing of a rock god and comic’s grand master will have a live streamed Q&A this Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 at 11:45 PST. Fans interested in watching the event in real time just click on the link provided or log onto Ortsbo.com’s live and global chatting platform. The platform will close caption the entire experience from start to finish to 170 countries and 50 languages, there’s even a chance to ask your very own questions to Stan and Gene.

So, if you ever wanted the true story behind all the band members in KISS having their blood used in the ink on KISS #1 (1977) this might be the best place to find out. Personally, I am planning on asking them to arm wrestle, I’ve got 5 bucks on Lee.

Source: Live & Global, With Great Power



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