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Don’t you love it when nerdy things you love collide? Sometimes they collide in the most fun ways. The kids from Stranger Things start their first season of the show by playing Dungeons & Dragons, coming across an evil Demogorgon in their periless adventure. Fans of the table-top roleplaying game (TTRPG) always love seeing their hobby featured in TV shows. Especially when they become as wildly popular as Stranger Things has become. Well, now the tables have turned. Where once they got our TTRPG in their TV, now we’re getting their TV in our TTRPG as Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro brings us the very adventure that Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will go on that heralds the foreshadowing of their real-life misadventure.


Dungeons & Dragons has been around for a very long time.  The popularity of the game seems to continue to grow as more people try the Fifth edition and love it.  The future of D&D seems to be in good hands since Wizards of the Coast has a good number of items that could end up on your favorite gamer’s Christmas list.

There is an adult coloring book, game adventures/supplements, several choose your own adventure style books, and books to help children learn while interacting with a D&D style story.


First published in 1974, Dungeons and Dragons was the first role-playing game to find life beyond the small circle of people that created it.  It began as a medieval miniature war game (called Chainmail) and morphed into the first juggernaut of the tabletop gaming industry.  In 2014, the fifth edition was released to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the original game.

The game has many important things that make playing easy to begin.  The rulebooks, the polyhedral dice (made popular by wargamers in the 1960s), miniatures that represent the player characters, and, of course, the adventures themselves.  These adventures were called modules and originally were broken down between those for use in the Basic game and others intended for the Advanced game (called AD&D).  There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of modules released either as stand alone modules, articles in Dragon or Dungeon magazines, or as a part of a series of modules that were interrelated.

Many of those series have become famous like the Temple of Elemental Evil or the Dragonlance series.  This article will be a breakdown of five adventures that any good DM (Dungeon Master) should put their players through from the original run of the series.



Really, why did it take us so long to get here? Sources are saying that Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast have signed a deal with Twentieth Century Fox to bring the card game Magic The Gathering to a theater near you. And yes, the peeps at Fox have it in their mind for Magic to be a movie franchise on par with Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. (more…)

New D&D Movie? Not So Fast Says Hasbro


The recent announcement that there was another Dungeons & Dragons movie in the works at Warner Bros was met with the usual enthusiasm by fans for the RPG franchise, but it seems that the usual Hollywood complications may be interfering with just how soon we see a finished film.

Confused yet? Well so is Hasbro. The toy company is claiming that they own the rights to any Dungeons & Dragons film since they bought D&D developers Wizards Of The Coast several years back. Hasbro, it turn, has a development deal with Universal Pictures, with whom they produced last year’s Battleship, also based on Hasbro-owned property. “Hasbro owns the intellectual property rights to Dungeons & Dragons, period, because of Hasbro’s acquisition of Wizards Of The Coast in 1998,” said Wayne Charness, a spokesperson for Hasbro.

However, Warner Bros. asserts that Courtney Solomon, director of the 2000 bomb called Dungeons & Dragons still has the rights to develop a D&D film, which he’s now doing at Warners as a producer with David Lee Johnson (Wrath of the Titans) now penning the screenplay. Meanwhile, Universal has producer Chris Morgan (five out of the six Fast & Furious movies) guiding its own adaptation of D&D.

This has all the makings of another Spider-Man or Hobbit years long legal battle over who owns the rights to what. I guess the point is don’t hold your breath for a new D&D movie for sometime in the near future.

More news as it develops.

Source: Blastr

PAX 2011 had it’s Acquisitions Incorporated (starring: Wil Wheaton, Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, Scott Kurtz, and Chris Perkins) Dungeon & Dragons theatrical stage show once again this year and the complete videos are now available for viewing online.

Why bother? Because this might be one of the best examples of the fun that can be had at a good gaming session. I know that your weekly gaming session won’t have all the bells and whistles that this stage production does. Who has that kind of time or money to invest in that besides these guys? You can however have that same sense of adventure, humor, and camaraderie that makes D&D or any gaming sessions great.

Grab your favorite beverage of choice, a bag of pork rinds (or healthy vegetable substitute), and check out the video below. The rest of the show can be seen at the Wizards of the Coast PAX 2011 website. The music that accompanies the gaming session can be picked up at Paul and Storm’s.






Documentary: Magic the Gathering – A Professional Tournament

(Ladies please, there’s plenty of me to go around)

 Players of the famous Magic The Gathering card game spend coupious amounts of time and cash to create the perfect deck of cards. All for a chance to win cash prizes and “fame”, if you can call it that.

Like any sort of organized sport *snicker*, you’re not going to be respected until you have a documentary about the happenings between players and the impact it has on them.

Thankfully, two brave nerds, and fellow Magic The Gathering players, took it upon themselves to make such a documentary. Covering the “professional” tournament held from Sept. 2-4, 2011 in philadelphia, PA, Nathan Holt, his brother Ben, and friend Shawn Kornhauser filmed this weekend sausage fest.

Seriously! I didn’t see a single female player on the convention floor, somebody must have cast their cockblock card that weekend.

Regardless, this is a fan-effing-tastic short doc. It’s really fun to watch, even if you’re not a aren’t a Magic nerd.

Special thanks nerdbastards fan, Beth Kellner who found this gem of a video. Infinity fairies indeed.

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D&D Themed Tee’s!


Finally! Now that Geek Chic took over back at the turn of the century (Don’t forget, even in 1999 they still had the Saved by the Bell type geeks in movies IE; Never Been Kissed, Can’t Hardly Wait), you can wear Star Wars Tee’s and get a laugh, (Busted Tee’s Guitar Solo!), And now Dungeons&Dragons shirts and get high fives. It’s not fair. It’s NOT FUCKING FAIR!!! But now we at least can usher in the new era of  our Nerdling Nerdbastards who don’t have to worry about getting their assess handed to them for being themselves any longer now that they have a personal NB army behind them.

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I’m a D&D purist. I start off every D&D post that way. 19 years and counting, I’ve never stopped playing. For a long while (18 years) it was a dirty, little in the closet secret that my closest friends didn’t even know, friends that were in my life for decades. It was a shame, that I no longer feel. I think it’s because, girls come and go, family members live and die, age stretches like shadows, but the game is always there if you want it to be. (more…)

D&D. Is there anything it can’t do? (Well, it can’t make gold fall out of your pockets or smite an enemy with the wave of  a hand) Being, I feel, some of the sole contributors to games like Warcraft, Final Fantasy, God, MOST RPG’s and fantasy games, D&D was the pioneer when all you had was dice and your imagination. I love it. A lot of people don’t know what it entails, and I’m not here to explain it to you. No. I am here to talk class with you. Do you know that beginning stage in any game where its time pick your character’s CLASS? Yeah, like Oblivion, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy 1 for regular Nintendo, even Fallout 3!! Well in D&D back in the 70’s when the books were paperback and then in the 80’s before Advanced Dungeons&Dragons came to be, the books offered classes too. Horrid, horrendous, hideous classes…That I couldn’t believe in their right mind, ANYONE would choose to play as. Here is the Top 5 Worst D&D Classes To Be. (more…)