To be completely honest, every time I read the title to this new ride, all I hear is Tony Soprano calling his son AJ “googootz”. My brain is weird.

Universal Orlando has finally confirmed details regarding the new signature ride at the soon-to-be-opened Diagon Alley expansion of “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” (a place I will go simply to gorge myself on butter beer). The Harry Potter and the Escape from Googootz — excuse me, Gringotts — ride will feature vehicles that seat twelve folks and carry visitors “through a Harry Potter story featuring villains, dragons and goblins.” Today, Universal revealed a bunch of new details on the theme park attraction, including Harry Potter and the Escape from Googootz photos and concept art.


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 ABOVE: Poison Ivy cosplay by Abby Dark-Star. What great, big, beautiful, green… eyes she has. What? Were you expecting me to say something else?


If you’re a diehard fan of Harry Potter or only casually enjoy the movies you need to watch this trailer. It’s a teaser, too short and quick, but what it teases is epic! This flick is capping off an impressive run of seven books and, with this, eight movies for the plucky wizard and, man, how far we’ve come. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is all action, war, heartbreak, death, triumph wrapped up in a 2+ hour finale that’s gonna have muggles everywhere glued to their seats. Plus! No more lame camping in the woods! Hooray!

The teaser debuted on ABC Family and will be watched over and over again by fans  picking a part each snippet of scene. And I can’t really blame them, there’s so much going on in this trailer it’s a little overwhelming. But in a good way, this is going to be an awesome, crazy, fantastic end to a movie series we’ve spent years enjoying. Let’s hope the film delivers on the great package this teaser sets up.

This video might not be around soon as it seems the studio is currently pulling every copy they can find. Watch it below before it’s gone! Let us know what you’re able to dissect from the montage of wizarding action. I see a lot of dead people, which means this final battle is INTENSE.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 opens every July 15th.

sources: io9, /Film



It’s the end. For many fans, myself included, it’s the end of a huge chunk of a lifetime. I read the first Harry Potter book when I was in eighth grade and now, when I’m 24, the final movie based on the series of books is being released. Seriously, where has the time gone!?

This video from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2‘s Facebook page gives us a little sneak peak of the climax. It’s action, action, action! Basically, what time in the first film was devoted to wandering and camping in the words is packed full of exciting adventure this time. And dragons. And crazy, roller coaster-like rides through Gringrots. And of course, the epic showdown with You-Know-Who.

Deathly Hallows Part 2 won’t be releasing until July 15th so we’ve got plenty of waiting time. But that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing tons of promotional material until then. I expect this is the only the very beginning of all the teases Warner Bros. will be throwing our way. So stay tuned, we’ll be bringing you all the Harry Potter finale news you can stomach! Then, when you explode from wizarding world overload, we’ll be giving you more!

Watch the video below and tell us what you’re most excited to see in the final film? And maybe what you’re afraid will be cut out? I’m know I’m gonna pull a major nerd and be really particular about certain deaths which I don’t want to reveal here. But if you’ve read the book you know some very dear characters aren’t given a proper send off, as in they happen off page! What the hell, Rowling?!

source: Blastr


Because stamps, like bow ties, are cool. The Royal Mail released images of the upcoming stamps earlier this week. The series will feature “the world’s most famous wizards, witches and enchanters.” Included are characters from Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia and the Athurian legends.

It’s a great group but I can’t help but notice these magic bearers are all distinctly English. Hmm, so much for world’s famous. Maybe they were inferring these characters are famous the world over, which they are. But it would be cool to see wizards from the world over. Oh well, I should just shut my mouth and enjoy these stamps because they’re real beauties. My favorite? Morgan Le Fay, I love me a woman who can strike fear in an entire kingdom. See the whole set below the jump.

source: /Film



At the White House Easter Egg Roll that they do annually, J.K. Rowling was in attendance as a guest.  She was asked if she had any other Harry Potter books in the works right now, to which she replied no but she doesn’t say never.  She was quoted as saying “maybe 10 years from now.”  Ten years is a long time, so it makes this writer wonder if anyone would still care enough about the series in that time to do something like pre-order it and make it a best-seller before it even hits bookshelves again.  I have to admit, I’d pre-order it the second it was available to do so.

Rowling did give us an epilogue at the ending of the 7th book but it was only a few pages long and I would like to know more about what happened to the characters than just who married and what they named their children.  (Though Albus Severus was a fitting tribute, I must say.)  I know, I know, I’m giving spoilers but the book has been out since 2007 and if you’re still waiting to read it then you deserve to have the ending spoiled just a little.

Source: Washington Post online