Wonder Twins


Welcome back to the self proclaimed nerdy podcast of record, RadioBastard. This time on the show, Jeremy and Jason warn you about multiple robot threats, reveal the forbidden love of Daryl Dixon and Herschel’s Head (I loved that show) on the Walking Dead, discuss how Aquaman will cut you for real and the french fried circle of life.

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Gather round for the latest episode of The BastardCast! This time, Jeremy and Jason give you enough to eat at home (or wherever you listen to the show) as they discuss the heartwarming Batkid, the latest batch of mind-numbing Batman vs. Superman rumors (HEADLINE! Key Grip Says Ghost of Gorshin to Go Gonzo in Gotham!), and we dissect the Doctor Who prequel mini-sode and preview the 50th Anniversary Special. (more…)

wonder twins

We’ve all seen our fair share of fake posters for movies that fans would like to see, courtesy of the almighty Internetz (and the wonders of Photoshop).  Just a little while ago, however, came an actual poster that, while it’s true intentions remains unknown, has sparked a bit of speculation.  Check out the one-sheet in the pics below. (more…)

Superhero Auditions – The Callbacks

The Continuing Adventures of – Superhero Auditions!

College Humor is back with some additional footage of the Superhero Auditions Callbacks. This video has everything you NerdBastards were hoping for, Wonder Twin Make-out Session. Don’t deny it you sick NerdBastards, you know that was what you were hoping to see. It might not be Luke and Leia, but you can get your collective NerdGasam out of the way.

Comic Book University


Our friends over at CollegeHumor got a bunch of illustration, done by Caldwell Tanner, of comic book characters hanging out in college. This will be your chance to see characters like Thor being drunk of his ass, Superman being the crying bitch that he is, and Aquaman pretty much being a joke (oh wait, that always happens). Check after the jump to get some chuckles and see a variety of characters in college situations that fits with the character and see if you can name them all as well (ya know, just to prove how much of a nerd you are).

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