Have you ever wondered what happened to America’s most infamous superheroes? Donald Soffritti has the answer. In his collection of humorous artwork featuring our long lost tight wearing crusaders, he shows us the inevitability of aging and all the unwanted, and even a little disturbing habits that come with it.  Some are fat, some are crazy, and some can’t even control their bowels. Enjoy!

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Batman_Streets_of_Gotham_1_800x600This list from Wired is actually pretty good, I like the fact that you can get full reviews from within the list as well as just the overview of their thoughts.  The only problem with their selection is that I would tend to rank Superman TAS series higher.  I thought it was a great show and the animation was a very well updated style from Batman TAS.  Some people found it rather dry and childish compared to Batman but trying to compare those two is complete lunacy, they are worlds apart in style, story direction, and depth.

The Not So Super-Heroes


What is the best way to identify with a fictional character? To have them humanized, right? So what if Wonderwoman, Batman, Supergirl, The Flash, and Catwoman, were all reguler people, just like you and me, facing the hardships of everyday american life? Would they be the average next door neighbor or the crazy person who lives in the corner house hidden by vines and weeds? Would they wear normal clothing or walk around in their costumes all day long like some wacko (although they would probably be able to do this in NYC or LA with no problem). Anyways, check out Super Not So Super, for a special inside look as to what really happens in the every day lives of our not so super-heros. Here they take comics to a whole new level and show you a behind the scenes look into a Superhero’s everyday “normal” life. Click after the jump for a few hilarious photos of super heros doing some very un-super things.