Woody Allen


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Nerd Bastards’ Morning Guffaw: Woody Allen’s ‘Wolverine’


This won’t be the best Woody Allen impersonation you’ll see today, but it will be one of the funniest. Official Comedy asked themselves, what if Woody Allen wrote, directed, and starred in his own version of Wolverine? It should put a smile on your face to start the day, and really, what could be better?

In the trailer for Woody Allen’s new X-Men blockbuster, Wolverine, we meet Logan Singer a mutant-writer who is in love with Rogue – a woman he can never kiss. He’s indestructible but totally crippled by his insecurities.

Wolverine: Ben Stadler
Rogue: Carrie McCrossen
Professor Xavier: Joe Galan
Cyclops: Darren Miller

Via: Topless Robot