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Sadly, this is the only orgy most nerds will ever see

Sadly, this is the only orgy most nerds will ever see

Anyone who has ever tried to run a guild or raiding party knows that getting MMO players to act in concert is like herding cats. Really, once, and if, you can get them together, you have to hold them together. That’s what makes this feat pretty impressive.

Task – Get 300 plus level one naked (Lowest level, starting equipment) Orcs to gather in the same place at the same time.

Objective – Attack and kill Gamon. Gamon is a level 85 NPC that hangs out in a bar in the Orc capital city of Orgrimmar. You pickpocket him for a quest, which also means that you can attack him, although like most NPC characters, he’ll rip you apart with little effort.

Result – Pure YouTube madness!

Watch as 300 naked level 1 Orcs take down Gamon in Orgrimmar: