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Of the many big budget movies that Hollywood studios have hoped to turn into major franchises, it’s hard to think of one with a more difficult birthing process than World War Z. Despite being based on a hugely popular book, having a star and producer in the form of Brad Pitt, and a general love affair with zombies in the movie-going public, the movie had such a long, hard struggle to the big screen it almost seemed damned. That’s why rumours of David Fincher‘s possible participation in a sequel was so intriguing, but now it seems that Fincher’s status on the film has been promoted from speculation to fact.  (more…)

World War Z was a surprising hit at the box office after its troubled production as most everyone was expecting the movie to tank, but it pulled in $540 million world-wide. Interestingly enough, although the sequel was quickly greenlite and scheduled to hit theaters this summer, behind the scenes production issues once again reared their ugly head. Director J.A. Bayona was off to direct the sequel to Jurrasic World leaving Brad Pitt without a director. Word around the Internet today tells us that Pitt talked his old working buddy David Fincher to step in. The pair has worked well together in the past (Se7en, Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and this new pairing should give us an incredible new Zombie movie. (more…)

If you know one thing about Jason Voorhees, it’s that you can shoot him, you can stab him, you can electrocute him, you can drown him, you can dump him in toxic waste, and you can send him to Hell, but ultimately, he just keeps coming back for more. Zombies are like that too. Death is not an impediment, but an advantage. Even in Hollywood. So while we’re reporting here today that Friday the 13th and World War Z 2 have been moved off the Paramount schedule, don’t expect them to be gone for long. Well, Friday the 13th anyway… (more…)


Fox‘s Fantastic Four reboot has been a symphony of Hollywood blunders: production problems, fan backlash, and the studio’s inability to properly respond to or market the movie to fans has put a bad taste in just about everyone’s mouth. What’s interesting is that a simple cross promotion video from handles the marketing of the movie better than those tasked with the job at Fox. (more…)


Even if you were a fan of the book and KNOW that the movie didn’t do Max Brooks‘ book justice, you can admit that Brad Pitt‘s World War Z movie isn’t a bad zombie flick. It’s just not the World War Z movie that everyone who read the book wanted it to be. Before the movie hit theaters back in 2003, after numerous re-shoots and rumors flying around about the problems during production, an already in pre-production sequel was quietly shut down and squashed. Then the movie killed at the box office bringing in over $540 million world-wide on a $150 million dollar budget. Those kinds of numbers always makes the suits salivate so the sequel was back on, but without an actual release date. Now that’s all changed. (more…)


While the first film was plagued with production and budgetary problems, it seems as if the producers of the upcoming World War Z sequel are looking to get this one right from the get-go. First, Juan Antonio Bayona (The OrphanageThe Impossible) was tapped to direct the film and now Oscar-nominated screenwriter Steven Knight has been hired to pen the script. Could this end up being the rare example of a second film being superior to the original? All signs (at least from a talent perspective) seem to point to “yes”. (more…)

juan antonio bayona

Yes, the horrifying tragedy that was the original World War Z has, due to raking in big piles of cash, spawned a sequel.  And while the first movie had nothing to do with the book, the second will… wait, no, that’s wrong.  Chances are it will, just like its predecessor, have nothing at all to do with the book.  Though we know nothing of what crap they’ll fling our way this time, we do at least now know who will be putting their name to this pseudo-zombie flick – Juan Antonio Bayona. (more…)


Marc Forster got lucky when World War Z escaped repeated tales of post-production calamity to become the surprise hit of Summer 2013. Emergency re-writes by Damon Lindelof and Drew Goddard seemed to have saved the film, so it might come as no surprise that if a sequel to World War Z comes to a theaters near us, it will be without the directorial efforts of Mr. Marc Forster.

In a recent profile of Plan B, Brad Pitt‘s production company, in The Hollywood Reporter, the subject of a World War Z-2 was broached. Plan B shepherded the film through its difficult production process, and are now looking to the future of the possible franchise, a future that seems to be Forster-less. Here’s the excerpt from the trade (embolded by /Slash for both emphasis and to probably hurt Forster’s feelings):



Honest Trailers Nails ‘World War Z’

world war z brad pitt

Fans of Max Brooks’ World War Z novel know that the movie turned out pretty much nothing like the book.  Some were very upset about this (myself included) while others didn’t give two shits.  But the Honest Trailers folks decided it was time to take this movie to task and put together their own interpretation of what the trailer really should have looked like.  Check it out below:

Less… more accurate than what they fed us for months?


Thanks to Blastr for the heads-up.


World War Z was one of this past summer’s biggest surprises, not only was it a worldwide box office sensation, but it had to overcome some significantly bad press concerning its production in order to get there. Of course, in Hollywood success breeds sequel speculation, and if you want to get the latest information on a subject, you go to the source, like a movie’s actor and producer.

Variety caught up with Brad Pitt at the Toronto International Film Festival, at which Pitt is promoting the award-baiting 12 Years a Slave. When asked about World War Z and a World War Z sequel he seemed very optimistic. “We have so many ideas on the table from the time we spent just developing this thing and figuring out how the zombie worlds work,” Pitt explained. “We have so many ideas and so much information – we think we have a lot of stuff to mine from.”

But Pitt was careful to add, “We gotta get the script right to determine if we go further… We’ll wait and see how the script turns out, but yes, I’d love to come back.”

Considering that the first film had to go back into production after the third act was totally re-written, it’s probably a smart movie for Pitt to focus on getting the script solid first.

What do you Bastards think? Wanna see a sequel to WWZ?

Source: IGN