It looks like Alison Brie will be fairly busy in the near future.  Formerly starring in the hit comedy Community, Brie has been cast as the lead in Netflix’s comedic remake of the 80’s wrestling show, G.L.O.W. The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling was a pro-wrestling counterpart to the WWE in the 1980’s that focused on a colorful cast of all female wrestlers. In actuality, the majority of the stars had no previous training in the ring.



This summer’s biggest celebrity tiff will come to head at the end of this month. That’s the result of events last night when Stephen Amell, star of the CW’s Arrow, came face-to-face again with his arch-nemesis the Dark Archer WWE wrestler Stardust on Monday Night RAW. It had been building up to this all summer, and naturally, matters were not resolved in one hour of television. Yup, in case you missed it, this is going to SummerSlam, in a fight that will have dramatic implications on both men because wrestling is totally real. But seriously folks, can Amell overcome without his trusty bow and arrow, and even trustier members of Team Arrow? (more…)


The equivalent of the celebrity stunt casting in professional wrestling is the celebrity beef, when a wrestler calls out a celebrity over some imagined slight and the two end up facing off in the ring together. One recent participant was Jon Stewart, whose “feud” with Seth Collins caused a ratings bump when the Daily Show host turned up on Monday Night RAW. Fortunately for the short and untoned Stewart, wrestling is fake and he was able to come out of the encounter unscathed, but what if a wrestler were to face someone who could legitimately be a threat. Someone whose day job (and now summer job) is playing a superhero/vigilante? Stephen Amell: Llllllllllllet’s get ready to rumble!!!!! (Maybe. If the rumor’s true.) (more…)

Why Wrestlemania 17 Was The Best Thing Ever

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With Wrestlemania 31 fast approaching, I was appointed the task to compile some sort of list to commemorate the dumbest or craziest or coolest or whatever moments of Wrestlemania. No easy task. But I set out to compile a list of the best matches, and a lot of them shared a common theme: they were mostly from the same Wrestlemania. Interested in why, I fired up the WWE Network and turned on Wrestlemania X-7 (17), and was reminded of why I became a wrestling fan. Wrestlemania 17, my friends, is the greatest Wrestlemania of all time. Read on to find out why. (more…)

OPINION: Wrestling IS For Nerds!


Ah, pro-wrestling. Either you completely adore it, or you find it to be the most idiotic, mind-numbing sport on earth (it is a sport, damn it…). But whether you hate it or you have “Austin 3:16” tattooed on your chest, it is an event that is indisputably nerdy. Don’t believe me? Ok, let me put it this way: good guys and bad guys sporting character-specific costumes monologue about their hopes, fears, and hatred for each other, which culminates in hyped-up battles for dominance. Sound familiar? Yeah. Read on for further proof, NerdBastards. (more…)


Dave Bautista went from a well-known wrestler to one of the Guardians of the Galaxy thanks to this summer’s smash hit Marvel movie. Now the man known as Drax is enjoying more fame than ever amongst a much larger and diverse audience than wrestling fans, and he’s enjoying every minute of it. At Toronto’s National Fan Expo this weekend, Bautista took a victory lap for his Guardians success, but also looked to his future in film, and perhaps a return to the wrestling ring. (more…)

I drank too many Shamrock shakes from McDonalds tonight (they are flippin’ delicious). I’m in such a green-sugared induced coma that tonights story is either real or it’s all happening in my frap freezed brain. Nah, this news is far to stupid for my retard mind to make up.

St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend. And wouldn’t you know it, here’s comes the WWE (Yes, that one) to ruin it with news of a horror movie remake.

WWE (really, that one) and Lionsgate are teaming up to remake Leprechaun, the 90’s horror classic  about a evil fucking Leprechaun who tortures a young Jennifer Aniston.

Variety broke the news of the deal, which comes as part one of a two-film deal between WWE and Lionsgate. Head of WWE Studios, Michael Luisi, said the following about the remake:

We have been looking for ways to continue our relationship with Lionsgate and we saw ‘Leprechaun’ as the perfect opportunity to take a well-known franchise and put a modern-day spin on it. This is a property that we believe our audience will respond to and we continue to look for ways to surprise and engage them.

While no director, screenwriter or actors are attached, they’re hoping for a 2013 release

I am outraged. How can they remake this classic franchise? I hope Warwick Davis dons his Leprechaun make-up, marches on down to WWE headquarters and shits in their morning cereal. Lucky Charms cereal of course.

Actually, now that I think about it. This remake can’t be any worse than Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood. So fuck it, let it happen. All I ask is that Hornswaggle be involved.

Source: Variety


Back in August, the awesome folks over at Dorkly brought us wonderful books from the Mushroom Kingdom and this time they introduce us to 7 memoirs from the video game world.

From the Minecraft spoof shown above to King Hippo from Punch Out as well as a memoir from a Star Wars character. Check after the jump to see all 7 and see if there’s one you would really want to read.

Source: Dorkly