wtf was that?


Earlier this week, we gave you the scoop on two high school students and their nerdy mock fight that got them suspended.  Their ten day suspension was followed  by a threat from their principal, Raymond K. Broderick, stating that their mock lightsaber duel could cost them being unable to walk at their graduation ceremony. The nerds/geeks of universes from far far away heard about this atrocious action taken, and united with FB pages, and petitions for these students to go back to school.

We’re proud to inform you, that after three days of joined mind-trickery from nerds/geeks everywhere, the principal lifted the suspension after three days and decided to let these silly padwans walk at graduation. Of course, to not look like a completely retarded Sith Lord, Principal Broderick stated,

“Suspensions carry the potential of exclusion from senior activities, including graduation night,” the principal added. “These incidents may have been poor choices on their part, but I am comfortable that they will all go forward and succeed and have learned from this. These are all great kids with super futures, and they understand the consequences of their action,”

I’m sure after hearing this everyone is in agreement that the Principal’s  actions have obviously had him eating his own words. I mean come on. These guys had a funny little light saber duel in the cafeteria. They didn’t throw feces around,  exploded toilets, or filled the halls with vanilla pudding. They just hit each other with PLASTIC  lightsabers! Leave suspension to people who spray paint a nudie portrait on the schools wall, and explode toilets.


The Dog Says; BATMAN!


At NerdBastards we really like animals. I  mean really. Several of the staffers keep peanut butter in their desk “just in case”. What do we like more than having our balls licked? Nothing, but what comes close?! NERD ANIMALS! Pugs are adorable… in pictures. Realistically they’re a little gross, (No, I don’t want to look at your asshole, PUT SOME GODDAMN DOGGY PANTS ON!) and pretty annoying. Unless of course you take Ambien at night to sleep, then you’re probably less concerned with the dog snoring and more with the fact that you’ve woken up from a black out in a bloodstained school girl uniform and your balls are sticky with peanut butter….again. What the hell is this post about? OH CUTE DOG SAYS BATMAN! Without further adieu….