This summer’s biggest celebrity tiff will come to head at the end of this month. That’s the result of events last night when Stephen Amell, star of the CW’s Arrow, came face-to-face again with his arch-nemesis the Dark Archer WWE wrestler Stardust on Monday Night RAW. It had been building up to this all summer, and naturally, matters were not resolved in one hour of television. Yup, in case you missed it, this is going to SummerSlam, in a fight that will have dramatic implications on both men because wrestling is totally real. But seriously folks, can Amell overcome without his trusty bow and arrow, and even trustier members of Team Arrow? (more…)


Much of professional sports is built on the inherent drama of the long-running rivalry: the Yankees and the Red Sox, the Maple Leafs and the Canadiens, and dueling quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Let’s add to that Arrow and Stardust, or rather make that Arrow star Stephen Amell and the WWE wrestler Cody Rhodes, AKA: Stardust. The simple Twitter-fight has persisted despite many fans wondering just what the point of it was, and while everyone thought that this was all leading up to face-to-face at SummerSlam, we’re actually going to get the Amell/Stardust showdown much sooner. This coming Monday to be precise. (more…)


When wrestling Superfan Kris Laufer and his group of wrestling cosplayers showed up at this week’s RAW in full costume, you’d think that WWE staff would be impressed, excited, and welcoming to such incredible cosplay. Seriously, what better way to show fans are pumped up than when they cosplay some of wrestling’s favorite characters? Turns out, that wasn’t the case and the group was forced to choose: Wear their costumes or lose their front row ($100) tickets to the event. (more…)

We all know that a large part of Hollywood is marketing, and a large part of marketing is the cross promotion. Somehow¬†professional¬†wrestling fits in here because it is all about the marketing and promotion. Hugh Jackman used it to shill his Rock’em Sock’em Robots movie, Real Steel, makes sense really. If you are the type of person that enjoys mindless hulking kill machines smacking each other around… I forgot if that was suppose to be the robots or the wrestlers.

Anyway, I don’t get this. The Muppets showed up on WWE Raw this week to promote the upcoming November 23rd release of The Muppets. Is there a lot of cross-over between wrestling fans and people that love the Muppets? That’s an honest question by the way.

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Once again, it’s a Tuesday and NerdBastards is here to help ya out on your DVD purchases. Like every Tuesday, we list what came out today and recommend if the movie if either a BUY, RENT, or a PASS. Today’s movie release is about “If you like a certain movie/person than watch this film.” We got the usual Old Movies and TV Show DVD. Also, we got the Anime Release and the LOL/WTF Release, which both have BOOBS in them. So what ya waiting for, check after the jump to see what came out and see if there is anything you want.


Wrestling junkies and nerds are rare, but I got goose bumps, I did and I’m not ashamed. I. AM. A WRESTLINGNERDBASTARD.

So Superstar turned Hollywood Box Office cash box, The Rock, has finally returned to Smackdown’s 10 year Anniversary in God’s country, Boston. For a HILARIOUS tongue in cheek poke at his new found film status. Admit it, his Disney fam friendly “The Game Plan”, a reversal of “Big Daddy”, banked over 100 mill at the Box Office. “Escape from Witch Mountain”, made a massive haul as well. As other wrestlers have tried and failed, The Rock made a successful transition. So, it is a very funny turn on the Rock’s demeanor, feigning primadonna-ism…Watch it, until it gets too wrestly for you.

The slew of guest celebrity hosts this past month on Monday Night RAW has had some hilarious moments…But none so hilarious as Jeremy Piven’s (Promoting his new film The Goods obviously) sidekick he let of the trunk of the car he just rolled in with….Ken Jeong’s mini parts in all of his movies like Knocked Up, Role Models, and the Hangover have all been scene stealers!! Why should RAW be any different.

BTW-This has just started on your local USA network