In a genre dominated by male counterparts, female sidekicks are nothing new. But after the decades we’ve seen them change and morph into strong-willed, intelligent, capable characters that can stand on their own two feet. When your female sidekick is doing most of the work, it begs the question – why aren’t they the lead? More than the super-smart hacker behind the muscle, more than the damsel in distress for the dashing hero to save, here’s a list of 5 ladies who could take over for their mentors without skipping a single beat. (more…)

Marvel Editor and Chief Axel Alonso tweeted out a new image today titled Batch H. The entire image, which you can see after the jump, quickly brings to mind that quote from Jurassic Park: Dr. Ian Malcolm: Yeah, yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should. We’ll leave that question for you to decide, but it could be a fascinatingly fun new character if done well. (more…)

There’s an interesting viral style video making the Internet rounds today. Posted by 20th Century Fox the video shows X-23 (Dafne Keen) getting her claws installed by a pair of scientists. Correction make that mad-evil-scientists because they’d have to be pretty damn evil to do that to a kid and she’s not the only kid going through these treatments. The “R” rating on Logan means we’re going to see some disturbing images throughout the film. This scene is definitely one of them. (more…)


For a movie that’s been playing things so mysteriously, there sure has been a lot revealed about Logan in the last couple of weeks. Hugh Jackman‘s curtain call as Wolverine has long been the subject of a number of rumours and potentialities, not the least of which is that the Old Man Logan inspired story would introduce us to a new Wolverine. That idea has basically been confirmed now because, as many of you may have guessed already, the character being played by young Dafne Keen in her big screen debut is indeed Laura Kinney, AKA X-23, Wolverine’s daughter and the inheritor of his mantle. (more…)


There was a time when a film based on a comic book character would get laughed out of Hollywood. Jump to present day and the film industry has become overly saturated with comic book films. Pretty much all of your favorite characters have, or will be racing onto the big screen in way or another as a result of the genre’s current popularity. The X-Men film franchise is partially responsible for the excitement and elevation of films based on comic book properties when the first film debuted in 2000. As soon as one mentions X-Men films, the first character that pops into your head is Wolverine. Not only is he one of comic book’s most popular characters, but he is also one of comic book film’s favorite characters. This is in no small part due to actor Hugh Jackman’s presence as our favorite mutant and that hardened six-pack doesn’t hurt either. His character has existed in pretty much all of the X-Men films (hopefully he’ll be in X-Men: Apocalypse as well) and has always been a crowd pleaser for fans of the films. However, for actor Hugh Jackman keeping in Wolverine-style shape for the 47-year-old can be taxing. Jackman indicated that the next Wolverine film (currently untitled) will be his last film. There are rumors that the film will borrow heavily from the Old Man Logan comic book storyline, and reunite him with Patrick Stewart, so it’ll be the “old school” X-Men characters/universe vs the First Class one. With Jackman bowing out of the franchise, something will be missing for fans. Who will replace the all-around badassery that Jackman had as Wolverine? What character could possibly fill in his shoes?


The Interwebz, where nerd art runs wild. In the wrong hands,  its about ecology of tentacles and Japanese school girls or paparazzo photos of the Hulk when those purple pants don’t rip the right way.

In the right hands however, fantastic and magical drawings are abound, making the Internet bearable for us to enjoy.

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ABOVE: Oh boob window, how we miss you. Nice to see Power Girl’s iconic cleavage still lives on. [Geek Tyrant]

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It’s that time again, time for the greatest day of the week, New Comic Wednesday!

As we have previously reported, DC Comic’s New 52 is still dominating the sales numbers. Will Didio and crew be able to maintain this? Probably not. The hype is slowly dying down and pull lists will be trimmed, however so far there doesn’t seem to be any books on the verge of cancellation. It’s anyones guess when the axe will start to drop over at DC. One thing that is happening is most of the creative teams are ending their 6 month runs and its turning into a game of musical chairs.

  Over on the Marvel side, their recent round of layoffs of editorial and production staff and shows that there is some serious belt tightening going on and its starting to hurt some books. Punisher Max is getting the axe, as Alpha Flight and one book we review this week. To boots some sales, the house of M has also decided to double ship some of the bigger books: Uncanny X-ForceAmazing Spider-ManFF, etc. An interesting strategy. Rather than putting out more books worth reading, make readers double on on the few they buy?

Personally I think both companies are dancing with the devil. Let’s face it, comic book sales are just now starting to pick up again after a few years of slowly dropping. If they play the wrong card, it could crash again.

Anyway, enough of that lets move on to this weeks picks. The new Batman (that is, slightly younger but still all Batman) hits issue three and really starts to pick up. I inadvertently picked up a Marvel book they decided to cancel today, purely because I thought the cover reminded me of a nice childhood memory. We also check to really unique independents, and one of them is free!

Let’s get to the fast and dirty reviews!


Welcome to today’s installment of SUPERHERO ROUNDUP, wherein we take the latest and greatest bits and bobs of Superhero news and put them in a neat little bundle just for you (aren’t we sweet?). After all, it it our duty to give fanboys and girls the means to speculate, shake fists, possibly be amused but almost always be disappointed in movie adaptions of iconic heroes.

First up: Idris Elba Wants Luke Cage; Jaime Alexander For X-23

It was reported last summer that Marvel has a possible Luke Cage movie and or TV show in the works.  Luke Cage being an African American super hero for hire with super strength and impenetrable skin. According to SuperHeroHype, Idris Elba -best known for his role on The Wireannounced at the Thor press conference that he is interested in playing the role of Power Man. When Elba was asked if there were any other Marvel Universe characters he would like to play, he responded by saying, I’d like a stab at Luke Cage.

Recently we reported that Isaiah Mustafa (The Old Spice Guy) has been campaigning for the role, but there are a number of actors that are being considered, including Tyrese Gibson and Jamie Foxx.

Jaimie Alexander, (who plays Sif) also announced who she’d like to play in the Marvel universe by saying, “X-23!”Unfortunately, an X-23 is not in the works and if it were, 20th Century Fox would own the rights and not Marvel.

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