The Interwebz is a great place for nerdy art and the like. A lot of the time it’s crazy things like Super Mario “laying pipe” (and we don’t meaning plumping) or a quick glance at Poison Ivy pruning her pussy willow (and we don’t mean gardening). Plenty of things that will leave you in need of years of therapy or a good old fashioned Men in Black style brain scrubbing. Hey, it’s the internet folks. Luckily there is always the counter balance of some mind blowing nerd based art. We collect it, you enjoy it, and we are all better for it.

ABOVE: Rogues mutant power of absorption is a double edged sword. You can look, but can’t touch. Just one caress would probably kill a normal man like you or me. Although by the looks of it, it’d sure as hell be worth it. [Deviant Art]

Hit the jump for an anime Princess Peach, X-babies, Batman in chains and MOAR!

Any Star Wars fan will know exactly what the above splashes of color are- an awesomely and artistically rendered “X-wing Fighter”. Created by Nicholas Hyde as part of a series of recreations of the famous George Lucas franchise, these grungy space ships were turned into amazing works of art. And if your interested in owing your own print by all means head to Nicholas’ etsy page. [Geek Tyrant]


Women are awesome. They raise us, teach us right from wrong, and in the case of Natalie Hall, put together some amazing pieces of art like a pro. Just glancing at Natalie’s portfolio you can tell that everything she draws on paper it’s going to be something that has to be seen and shared. So we did. From the oddly creepy Totoro to the almost storybook like take on Princess Merida of Pixar’s upcoming Brave, Natalie has some mad skills. [Comics Alliance]


Let’s face it, Princess Peach is just plain cute in her royal garbs, but put her in a  skin tight racing suit and it’s dead sexy! Created by Deviantart artist Twilit-Arawen, this anime version of the Mushroom Kingdom royal is definitely worth a rear-end collision. [Deviant Art]


A manly beard, an Aeris tattoo, the severed head of the most hated villain in Final Fantasy history! Artist Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias, a.k.a. Gonzo, took Final Fantasy’s Cloud Strife and an him a straight injection of bad ass and threw the classic gaming character into overdrive. Guess that what happens when you impale a man’s girlfriend after 45+ hours building up her stats. [Kotaku]


Everyone’s been a young diaper filling baby at some point, even the mighty X-men, and artist Skottie Young crafted the perfect set of mutant powered children. These kids just look simply adorable, even if each one could kill you- especially the baby Wolverine. Professor X must have armed guards in the nursery during nap time. [TechnaBob]


Timothy Lim has shown himself to be one of the most versatile artists we’ve ever seen put pen to paper in recent weeks. With a gift to place pop culture’s best into any style or decade he chooses. Remixing the Avengers into an Art Nouveau masterpiece and mashing the armor of Nintendo‘s Samus with the Autobot commanding Optimus Prime, Timothy is very comfortable bringing his ideas to the table. Check out Lim’s ninjaink account on deviantART for more. [Comics Alliance]

Sure, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch sounds like she’s smoked 5 packs a day for the last decade, but does it really matter if she still has the body of a college cheerleader? Deviant artist Gattadonna used only watercolors and markers to transform this villainous second in command into awesome WWII-esque nose are that would look absolutely amazing on a certain floating cocoon shaped lair. [Deviant Art]

GET A ROOM! Wait, there are clearing in someones basement…. but still. Seriously, this piece by Kevin Nowlan is just another prelude to Batman and Catwoman continuing the love-hate relationship that is purely based on the make-up sex only a hero and a villain can have. At least now we know Robin is a bit of a voyeur. His reaction is pretty priceless though. [Kevin Nowlan]

And finally, you draw science fiction then at some point you’ve probably drawn inspiration from Ralph McQuarrie. Sadly he recently passed away at the age of 84. His concept work for the Star Wars universe is legendary. Ralph is the man who brought to light many of the iconic designs you’ve come to love and without him they would have forever stayed in the dark. Thank you for some of science fiction’s greatest masterpieces Ralph, your one with the force now. [Geek Tyrant]

Adorable and Amazing Baby X-Men Art


Do you remember the X-Babies (X-Men characters re-imagined as babies)? Because I sure do!

They were cute, dangerous and reminded me of the Muppet Babies at some points … but I digress.

Artist Skottie Young has lovingly created his own version of them (see below), and they are absolutely adorable and awesome. My favorite one is Deadpool … what about you?