X-Men: Apocalypse


Our good friends at Screen Junkies are at it once again, this time taking on X-Men: Apocalypse. The third sequel in the “First Class” trilogy was not well received by critics and fans. You can see our review of the movie here.  After nailing the second film, Brian Singer returned to the director’s chair to have supervillain Apocalypse fight the X-Men. Some parts of the film worked, most didn’t. Screen Junkies, never willing to hold a punch, created an “Honest Trailer” for the latest mutant film.


As you all probably know by now, everyone’s favorite rag-tag team of mutants were off saving the world, once again, in X-Men: Apocalypse. As the title hints at it, their mission was to stop one of the most powerful mutants they had ever faced, and that’s when you even consider the “other” timeline. On screen, the X-Men and their companions took some bumps, bruises and even experienced the worse kind of tragedy. In the end, it was all just another movie for some of these actors and actresses. So check out a different side of things in the X-Men: Apocalypse gag reel after the jump before it gets deleted from the internet.



What kind of woman signs up to be married to the Master of Magnetism? Well, her name is Carolina Bartczak, and she plays Magda in the current superhero hit X-Men: Apocalypse. Bartczak is a Toronto-based actress with credits including the TV series The Listener, Covert Affairs, and The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog along with movie appearances in Smurfs 2 and Brick Mansions, but it was, in part, her Polish ancestry that made her a good choice to play Magda, the Polish woman that builds a life and a family with Magneto (Michael Fassbender) in 1980s Poland in Apocalypse. In our conversation with Bartczak we talk about understanding Magneto, dealing with high expectations, and how sometimes kissing Michael Fassbender is both fun and professional. (more…)


As the box office continues in the ‘Age of Superheroes,’ it’s no surprise that X-Men: Apocalypse is the number one movie this weekend. The film opened to $65 million so far this weekend, and with it being Memorial Day Weekend, the film is expected to make $80 million when it’s all said and done. However, it’s not all fine and dandy. As you can see in our review here and the current 48% Rotten Tomatoes score, not everyone likes this movie. This being Brian Singer’s fourth X-Men film, we just were expecting better from such an accomplished director. With Captain America: Civil War having come out a few weeks ago (and knocking it out of the park) and setting the tone, we just have come to expect more from our superhero films nowadays.


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Remember the ‘80s? Although they seem like so long ago, they were quite a fun, weird time. The 80’s was a time of big hair, faded jeans, high top fades, boom boxes, and many other styles unique to that time period. The 80s was also the birth of Atari and Nintendo. It was also where we fell in love with Madonna, Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, Boy George, David Bowie and many other music icons. The next X-Men film, X-Men: Apocalypse takes place during the 1980s and promises to include all the spandex, big hair, and loud music associated with that era. With the film premiering later this month, 20th Century Fox is ramping up their marketing efforts to further promote the film.



After a brief struggle in the middle of the franchise, 20th Century Fox has really regained their stride with the X-Men movies. Later this month, the third movie in what could be thought of as a prequel trilogy (consisting of X-Men: First ClassX-Men: Days of Future Past, and the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse) will be released. These prequels have explored the history of the X-Men through the 60’s and 70’s and this newest movie is appropriately set in the 80’s. Throughout these movies, many questions have been answered to explain the state in which we find the heroes at the beginning of the first X-Men, but one big question remains to rankle the curiosity lobes of cinematic X-Men universe historians: How did Charles Xavier go bald? Well, a newly released featurette shows how it happens (in the real world, anyway) as James McAvoy shaves his own head with Patrick Stewart watching on via Facetime with director Bryan Singer. Enjoy.



X-Men: Apocalypse, the third film in the second trilogy (or rebooted trilogy, take your pick), answers the question moviegoers and comic book fans have been asking since James McAvoy’s first sauntered into the X-Men: First Class five years as Professor Charles Xavier, one of the most powerful mutants in the X-Men universe, not to mention “Mr. Peaceful Co-Existence” to Erik Lehnsherr’s (Michael Fassbender) “Mr. End Humanity Before They End Us” (a tired, repetitive conflict that has long outgrown its welcome or usefulness to the series): The how, the when, and the why Professor X loses his hair, becoming the bald, telepathic, wheelchair-bound leader of the X-Men and the head of Xavier’s School for Gifted (Mutant) Youngsters moviegoers and comic-book fans have grown to respect and admire. Spoiler Alert: It’s of little, if any, consequence, the equivalent of a tossed off, throwaway gag, as superfluous, clichéd, and worn-out as practically everything in Bryan Singer’s (Valkyrie, Apt Pupil, The Usual Suspects) underwhelming fourth time as director of an entry in the never-ending X-Men series.



This time two years ago, the hype for X-Men: Days of Future Past was so intense that the producers were already openly discussing the next X-Men film, Apocalypse. Of course, things were in the works long before May 2014 because the stinger at the end if Days revealed Apocalypse in his Ancient Egypt days, suggesting that 20th Century Fox was already thinking well ahead to the next episode. So what about the next movie to follow X-Men: Apocalypse? Is Fox already thinking about that? Why yes they are! And one of the main creative forces behind the movie X-Men universe have established a timeline. (more…)


The final trailer for Bryan Singer‘s X-Men: Apocalypse hit the Internet toady and confirms a long rumored cameo. If you want to stay completely in the dark until you see [REDACTED] on the big screen, you might want to skip this final trailer, as awesome as it is. The whole gang is here, making the transition from student to full-fledged X-Men, with more than a few other well-known mutants thrown in. Jennifer Lawrence‘s Mystique leads the fledgling X-Men against Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) and his Four Horsemen, Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Storm (Alexandra Shipp), Archangel (Ben Hardy), and Psylocke (Olivia Munn). There’s also a first look at the Blob which was recently posted by Singer on Instagram. (He’s not the special cameo we’re not talking about.) (more…)

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A new viral video just appeared on our radar, teasing us fans. Made to appear as a 80’s TV special it croons at us with the golden voice of George Takei. Referencing the film Days of Future Past, it brings fans a taste of what is to come. The video starts off with a statement of mutants appearing ten years ago. Then George asks the question. (more…)