X-Men: Dark Phoenix

When Bryan Singer’s X-Men opened twenty years ago, few expected a mid-budget superhero team-up to spawn two direct sequels, spin-offs, a reboot, and three sequels to the reboot (not to mention re-energizing the superhero genre), but it did, but like all good things – or all things in general – it had to come to an end, but nothing then or now said it had to end with a flaccid, turgid, ultimately pointless entry like the much-delayed, less-than-anticipated Dark Phoenix. A second go-round in bringing Chris Claremont and John Byrne’s classic comic-book storyline to the big screen – Dark Phoenix drops the “mutant cure” storyline that undermined and ultimately neutered Brett Ratner’s -Men: The Last Stand thirteen years ago – replacing it with a woefully underwritten, under-motivated central arc, Jean Grey’s transformation from troubled mutant with telekinetic and psychokinetic powers, to a rage-filled superpowered, near godlike super-mutant, but repeatedly fails to make her – and by extension, Dark Phoenix: the Movie – intrinsically or organically compelling, let alone passably watchable. Another missed opportunity, another misfire isn’t how nostalgia-prone X-fans wanted to see the series end before the Disney Industrial Complex folds the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that’s what Dark Phoenix delivers. (more…)

Throughout decades of comics and films, The X-Men have become an important symbol for not only the LGBTQ+ community, but also the disabled. It’s a group of people that have mutated and changed beyond what’s normal, or have had certain events or experiences change them into what they are now. They band together to help make the world a better place and find a community. That’s a powerful message of acceptance and hope for communities that are oppressed. Both LGBTQ+ and disabled people can feel a modicum of acceptance, but ultimately their differences make them “other”. That can be devastating. Seeing heroes with the same struggles can be really empowering. Furthermore, it can help neurotypical/cis fans understand these other communities better.

Recently, the first full trailer for The Dark Phoenix was released. This follows the infamous tale of Jean Grey, a powerful mutant transformed into something far more dangerous. It’s one of the X-Men’s most popular and interesting story arcs.

But what’s more exciting is that if the trailer plays out like the scenes hint, this could possibly be one of the most important mental health allegory films in recent years. A mainstream, high-budget film having a story analogous to a disability struggle would be exactly what the stigmatized world of mental health needs.


A couple of new on set pictures of Tye Sheridan in costume as Cyclops gives the character a new but familiar look with updated “everyday” visor and casual wear. Sheridan is sporting a new haircut which is very reminisiant of Cyclops look during the Jim Lee run back in the 90’s. Check out Cyclops new look for X-Men: Dark Phoenix below. (more…)

There have been 10 various X-Men movies released so far, and it’s safe to say that we’ve only scratched the surface in terms of the number of teammates and mutant characters to appear in the movie series so far. To wit, with X-Men: Dark Phoenix now confirmed to be in development, we will start hearing about all the various new characters that will take part, and there’s one in particular that will make some X-Men fans very happy. Let’s just say that if you weren’t Dazzled by the lack of a certain X-Men character in the 80s-based Apocalypse, then you’ve got another reason to look forward to Dark Phoenix(more…)

We’re heard a lot about New Mutants lately, and we’ve heard a lot of about Deadpool 2, but weren’t there three X-Men movies being lined up for release next year? Oh yes, there were. The third one has been billed as Dark Phoenix, a continuation of the X-Men story established in X-Men: First ClassX-Men: Days of Future Past, and last year’s X-Men: Apocalypse that will, you guessed it, feature a new spin on the classic X-Men story “The Dark Phoenix Saga.” Well breaking news, a major Hollywood media outlet is reporting that the saga is on, and they have revealed who all will be a part of it.  (more…)