Xena: Warrior Princess


So after a slew of information surfaced about a possible Xena: Warrior Princess reboot, Lucy Lawless herself took to Twitter to break some news to us. It’s all just rumors. She does add that it’s “still in the wishful thinking stage”, so maybe some of the reported planning is being done, just not progressing at the rate we’d hoped.



Months ago, Lucy Lawless broached the subject that someone was interested in re-invigorating the Xena: Warrior Princess brand. Those tweets, while met with much joy, didn’t really go anywhere. As in, since then we’ve heard absolutely nothing solid about a Xena revival.

There’s no more developments so far, but Lawless has shared how she’d like to see Xena return. SPOILERS ahead for those who haven’t yet watched the end of the now 18 year old program and would rather not know how it ends. We’ll wait for you to clear out.



Let’s do what the internet does best and blow these couple of tweets way up. I mean, way, WAY out of proportion, okay? Earlier today The Mary Sue drew our attention to these couple of tweets from Lucy Lawless in where she very vaguely refers to someone being interested in reviving the Xena: Warrior Princess brand. They are as follows,


Lawless tells us not to get our “knickers in a twist”, but I’m telling you, that’s exactly what we should do. Be loud, be heard, bring back Xena! If there’s a proven demand, Xena may ride again, some way, somehow.

What do you guys think? Is there a chance of reviving Xena? Is this just more Veronica Mars/Kickstarter backlash?


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