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More than a year ago, a television adaptation for Y: The Last Man was announced. And then there was nothing. So what was the hold up? Well, for the longest time, there was no showrunner, that was, until now. According to the latest reports, Michael Green (American Gods) has been tapped to become the new showrunner for the series which is set to premiere on FX.



There’s a great big world of comic books beyond superhero stories. For example, the biggest series on basic cable, The Walking Dead, is based on a long-running black and white comic book where there’s nary a super-power or cape and cowl in sight. Hollywood now seems to be turning to that idea non-superhero comics might make good TV. Preacher is currently in production to air sometime next year on AMC, and this after years of attempted development to turn it into a feature film. And now, according to sources, another Vertigo comic, Y: The Last Man, is about to follow a similar course. (more…)

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In “alternate reality” science fiction, one of the few tropes more engaging than alt-history – which shows us how things might have been changed if a historical lynch-pin event had a different outcome than that which we already know – is perhaps best described as alt-future: showing how our society would handle something that could conceivably happen based on our current world, even if the likelihood of that happening is extremely slim.  That’s the premise we are given in We Stand on Guard, a planned 5-issue mini-series. The United States and Canada share the longest international land border in the world… what if our two countries went to war against each other?



Last year, news of a big screen adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra‘s Y: The Last Man hit the internet and fans of the comic book series cheered in anticipation.  The dystopian tale of the last man alive (and his Capuchin, Ampersand) after an event wipes out all the male mammals on earth seemed ripe for the big screen treatment and while it would have been director Dan Trachtenberg’s first big screen movie, readers were confident that the movie could really be something very special.  The months ticked by without any word on the progress being made on the project and now, over a year later, it looks like fans can finally stop waiting.  According to Trachtenberg, the project is officially dead. (more…)


The clock is ticking on New Line‘s long delayed plans to bring Brain K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra‘s Y: The Last Man to the silver screen. The project finally had a director announcement last year that placed Dan Trachenberg (The Totally Rad Show) firmly in the center seat, but will production begin before the rights reversion deadline kicks in? (more…)


We heard a while back that Dan Trachtenberg would be directing the film adaptation of the Vertigo comic series, Y: The Last Man.  Since then, we’ve pretty much heard nothing about its progress. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

It’s understandable because there are a lot of logistics that need to be worked out with a story like this; many other people have considered adapting the post-apocalyptic story for the big screen but it just hasn’t been a thing.  Until now.  News has surfaced that Y: The Last Man may begin filming next year.  Woah.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the premise, Y: The Last Man explores a world after all mammals with Y chromosomes are destroyed and the journey of a guy named Yorick and his money, Ampersand… who happen to have Y chromosomes and are still alive. Go figure.  It’s pretty awesome.  Read it.

Anyway. Producer David Goyer spoke to Crave Online briefly about this project:

We’ve got a script that’s as close as it’s ever been, so knock on wood. That could go into production next year… The first movie is meant to function as a standalone, but hopefully continue. Hopefully there will be others.

Time to keep our eyes peeled to see who gets cast once the producers get around to that.

What do you guys think about it possibly being just one standalone film?  There has been talk about it best being explored as multiple films or even as a TV series.  Do you think they’ll be able to do it justice in what may be just one film?  (Chances are it’ll be successful enough that the studio will want to make more for the simple fact of making more moolah. As long as they churn out half-decent goods, they will continue to be reinforced. So it’s likely we’ll see more.)

Source: /Film, Crave Online

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The Bastardcast: We’re trying.

The comic book movie is dominated by big name franchises like The Avengers and The Dark Knight – even Man of Steel is netting a ton of attention and it isn’t even out yet – but one comic book adaptation has been on the rise since 2007. According to Deadline, commercial director Dan Trachtenberg has been called upon to direct the long awaited Y: The Last Man film adaptation for New Line Cinema.

When a mysterious plague strikes, it kills every male mammal on Earth.  It seems that the only exception is Yorick Brown, an amateur escape artist in New York, and his male Capuchin monkey, Ampersand. The only two known males left on the planet to survive, the pair, under the order of the new President of the United States and protection of Agent 355, must travel in search of a brilliant geneticist and cloning expert in search of answers. All the while they must survive the dangers of the new world and those that would use Yorick’s survival to their own means.

It sounds like an awesome tale – and it is, as evidenced with a five Eisner Awards for Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra.  Y: The Last Man is long overdue for the adaptation it deserves. I Am Number Four director D. J. Caruso was at one time attached to the script, but ultimately walked away from the project back in 2010 saying in an interview with MovieWeb:

“I didn’t think that you could take Yorick’s story and put it in to a two-hour movie and do it justice. That was sort of the difference. I think that New Line, working with Warner Bros. in their new relationship, just felt reluctant thinking that we can’t leave this thing open. If you are familiar with the comic book you know it’s just mind-boggling.”

This was based on Caruso’s hope to see the Vertigo series become a film trilogy and that could still happen with Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia‘s new draft of the script.

As for Trachtenberg, the studio is pretty confident that he’s the right man for the job – if you’ve seen the Portal: No Escape short film, you’d agree as well. If you can turn a seven minute film into over eleven million views (at this point in time), you reserve the right to stick your foot in the doorway of Hollywood at least once.

Source: Geek Tyrant

For fans, Y: The Last Man is one of those comic-to-film efforts that keeps going one step forward and three steps back. Once upon a time, D.J. Curoso was prepping a trilogy based on the Brian K. Vaughan-penned graphic novel starring his Disturbia and Eagle Eye-star Shia Labeouf. Then Incredible Hulk director Louis Letterier came aboard and encountered similar difficulty getting Y made.

But a recent draft of a screenplay penned by Jericho writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia seems to have New Line grinning with anticipation… From all the money they’re going to make from Y: The Last Man the movie once they get a director and get it into production, which is what they’re now trying to do.

Here’s the latest word from Vulture:

We hear that the studio is very pleased with a draft from former Jericho writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia, and has already begun the process of meeting with director candidates to hire for the project.

Y: The Last Man followed the adventures of Yorrick, the last man on Earth after a plague wiped out all mammals with an X chromosome. The 60-issue series, published between 2002 and 2008, follows Yorrick and his monkey Ampersand as they travel the post-plague Earth trying to find the reason for their immunity, and the key to humanity’s survival.

More news as it develops (and hopefully it will develop this time).

Source: /Film

While the official film adaptation of Bryan K. Vaughn‘s Y: The Last Man continues swimming around in pre-development hell, filmmaker Christian Cardona has stepped in to fill the void with his own really, really, really impressive fan film. Titled Y: The Last Man Rising, the short film follows the early events of the comic which chronicles a world where a catastrophic plague has wiped out every man on Earth. That is, except for Yorick and his pet monkey, Ampersand.

If you’ve never read the comic, one, get on that it’s an excellent book, and two, this film works as a darn good primer for the series. The production quality is fantastic and for as much as I’ve been able to watch, the acting’s pretty great, too.

Y: The Last Man Rising stars Travis Quentin Young as Yorick Brown, Kent King as Agent 355, and Rebecca Marshall as Hero Brown.

Hey, uh, Hollywood honcho guys, can you just let Cardona adapt Y: The Last Man for ya? We here, on the internet, are all really impressed with his test reel.

Source: IGN