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Ant-Man Poster

The Ant-Man trailer was classified last week, which means there’s a good chance we are going to see it premiere soon – word on the street is Marvel Studios are going to debut it during the premiere of Agent Carter, which starts on January 6. So what do we expect to see? Paul Rudd as Ant-Man is a good call, possibly some Michael Douglas action as Lang’s predecessor and mentor Hank Pym, maybe Pym’s daughter played by Evangeline Lilly and perhaps even Corey Stoll as Yellow Jacket? Giving that Yellow Jacket is the main villain and he’s going to change progressively throughout the movie, it would make more sense if we see less of Stoll’s villain before the release of the film. However, going by the new banner, that might not be the case. (more…)

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Having quietly made a name for himself with the NBC drama Law & Order: LA and the Netflix American adaption of House Of Cards, few thought Corey Stoll could get any cooler. And that’s what they get for underestimating Corey Stoll, who not only went on to star in Guillermo Del Toro’s creepily effective The Strain, but has been cast as Yellow Jacket in the ‘Ant-Man’ movie. Though admitting not being familiar with the character, he says the script was great and keeps getting better. The New York native studied acting at NYU and Tisch School Of The Arts. He’d better had studied villainy and butt-kicking somewhere too, because Yellow Jacket is a major Ant-Man foe and needs to be delivered correctly for the movie to succeed. Keep on going for all things Stoll wearing yellow tights. (more…)