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When Mortal Kombat started hitting arcades, and then consoles, in the early 90s, part of the visceral thrill was all that computer generated gore, and the super-human ability to deliver such carnage by the various fighters. As the series has expanded, so has the game designers’ ability to render more and more grisly violence, but in the back of your head it’s still all done in computers were the blood is, for all intents and purposes, non-existent. So what if you could experience all those graphic fight scenes as if they were truly as blood-filled and disgusting as they would be in real life? Do you like gore? You better if you press play on this video. (more…)


Thanks to the miracle of You Tube, videos once thought lost on the VHS garbage pile of history find new life digitized and posted to the video-sharing site. And in another example of any Star Wars news is news to this site (haha!), we’ve found the below embedded little number.

The half-hour film was made by French journalist Michael Parbot with some remarkable access to the Behind the Scenes making of the film The Empire Strikes Back, as well as key players like director Irvin Kershner, Mark HamillCarrie Fisher and Harrison Ford. (And be sure to enjoy producer Gary Kurtz rocking the full Abe Lincoln facial hair.)  There’s amazing stuff in here, and what’s all the more interesting is that NO journalist would have ANY chance of getting it in this day and age, even on Star Warriors let alone Star Wars.

Enjoy all the nerdy goodness in the embed below:

Source: Geek Tyrant