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DC Comics came into WonderCon Anaheim strong, throwing out many updates for DC Universe. The streaming app had some disappointments for fans as far as the peripheral features went. Fans were excited by the list of TV shows, animated movies, and films that were accessible, but felt the comics section was lacking. The original content line-up was worthy of a side-eye. Even the staunchest DC fan has reservations as to how strong the content on the streaming service would be. Months after release, the DC Universe proves just how strong it bring it, and announces updates that will worthy of a title like DC ‘Universe’.


Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and a dozen others streaming services compete for our money and attention. And now DC Comics has thrown their hat in the ring. DC Universe offers more than the DC content already released – DC Universe plans to release original content and give fans access to their digital comics, members-only merch, all in one place. But what fans need to know is what can they expect from the DC original content, what digital items will be available and how much is going to cost? NerdBastards dives in to give fans the answers they need to decide if yet another streaming service is worth it.


DC Comics have shaped so much of nerd culture during their tenure as superhero kings. Their comic books have shaped dreams, inspired heroes, and sparked imaginations. Their animated series have left fans in wonder, have created iconic characters, and connected superheroes to viewers outside of their normal audiences. DC has created some of the most memorable heroes to ever exist: Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman.

This year at the San Diego Comic Con, DC revealed several new productions about their superheroes. Fans marveled at all the upcoming projects. The company showed trailers for two films, Aquaman and Shazam, one live action series, Titans, and the continuation of their animated series, Young Justice: Outsiders.


Season one of Young Justice came out of the gates like a thoroughbred racehorse. It combined action and great storytelling with DC Universe super heroes that didn’t usually see the spotlight. Season two saw a drastic time jump in which the young heroes were now young adults. Again, the show was carried by an awesome story arc which lasted most of the season. It culminated to one of the biggest cliffhangers ever by a animated television series. And then there was silence. For three years, fans complained and made their thoughts known very clear and very loud – all to the point of literally begging the powers that be for a third season. Well, those of you who have been groveling for something to happen can finally pick your faces up off the ground. Season three of Young Justice has been announced, and it’s all thanks to you.



Well, the internet seems to think there is… This morning a picture started making the rounds on Reddit (and we all know that they can’t post something there if it’s not true…) reportedly from an alleged Warner Bros. Animation office of some kind showing what appears to be posters of possible animated productions that the studio may or may not be producing. One of these supposed posters features what could possible be an indication of what could be an all new Justice League cartoon… Begin wild speculation now! (more…)


The CW might as well change it’s name to “The DC” if this trends keep going the way they are. Bleeding Cool is hearing that Warner Bros has another DC Comics property warming up in the bullpen, which is already pretty full with series based on The Flash, Hourman and iZombie all warming up. So will there be room on the network schedule for a live-action Young Justice? (more…)


With the success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign, it seems that everyone and their brother wants to save their pet project. had that thought anyway, when they wanted to save the recently cancelled animated series Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Warner Bros, DC Comics and Cartoon Network pulled the plug on these shows, but the producers at wouldn’t go quietly into that good night, and decided to raise the money themselves through Kickstarter. Bold move, but sadly it was not meant to be.

Here’s the official statement from SMGO on the matter.

“Hey all, I’ve been trying (all day) to come up with a slightly better way to say this, but I’m just going to give it to you straight. Warner said no – they don’t think we can reach our goals – do you believe that?”

I do believe that, actually. I admire their noble ambition, but it’s no easy feat to fund an animated series indie-style, let alone two. “A” for effort, but it was never going to be practical I’m afraid.

In the meantime, you can enjoy Cartoon Network’s new DC-based series Beware the Batman and Teen Titans Go! So there’s that.

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When Disney bought Lucasfilm it was expected The Clone Wars would pack up and leave Cartoon Network for a Disney-owned network, leaving a hole to be filled in CN’s Saturday morning lineup. What was unexpected was the sudden cancellation of their other two anchor cartoons, Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series, completely wiping out the morning cartoon block as it stands now.

If we’re to believe CN’s recent lineup announcement for late 2013 none of those three shows appear at all. In their place are Beware the Batman, the first CG animated Batman series, and Teen Titans GO!, a lighter, more comedic continuation of the early 2000’s cartoon, Teen Titans.

And now, I’ve learned, to stop becoming emotionally invested in things, because they’ll only end up cancelled. Seriously, these show’s only just returned from that bizarre and unnecessary hiatus and now they’re cancelled!? WTF?!! Plus, both series are in the middle of some major arcs, will they be allowed a proper conclusion? What about the Reach invasion? Will we ever see the Young Justice team reunited? What about the Manhunters? And the Anti-Monitor!? And after last week’s holy depressing GL:TAS episode, what will happen to Razer and Aya!?!!?

So many questions, not nearly enough episode to wrap things up. I don’t think Cartoon Network did either of these shows any favors moving them from Friday night to Saturday morning. And suspending their return last fall until January didn’t help either. We’ve sent a request for comment from Cartoon Network, but as of yet we’ve heard nothing. We’ll update this article is that changes. GL:TAS producer, Giancarlo Volpe has already acknowleged the cancellation via Twitter, making this seem pretty damn conclusive.

Ugh. I’m depressed. Neither Beware the Batman or Teen Titans GO! sound nearly exciting enough to get me out of this funk. How about you? If you’re truly upset over Young Justice and GL: TAS’ cancellation there’s a petition to bring ’em back. Who knows what good it’ll do, but I’ve already signed.

Update: A source at Cartoon Network would not comment on Giancarlo Volpe’s tweet about the future of the shows, but they did say that “Young Justice and Green Lantern are still in premieres on Saturday mornings.”

They also told our Jason Tabrys that: “We are fully committed to the DC Nation block and to bringing our fans excellent action-adventure content. And of course, we’re very excited about the premiere of Beware The Batman as part of DC Nation later this year.”

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It was a weird move when DC Nation – DC’s animation block seen Saturday mornings on Cartoon Network – returned this past fall only to be put on hiatus until the new year. The move left many fans in a tizzy after being teased with only a handful of new episodes then forced to wait months for more from shows like Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Plus, don’t forget all those excellent DC Nation shorts.

Thankfully, the wait is over, DC Nation returns to your airwaves this Saturday morning, January 5th. In anticipation why not check out a new trailer for what’s coming next from Young Justice,

DC Nations airs every Saturday morning, for now at least, at 9:00am EST on Cartoon Network.

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