Your Highness

If there’s a secret to making a good spoof movie, it lies somewhere in finding a way to deliver the same good the films you’re spoofing did. A war spoof has to have choice explosions. A horror spoof has to have a suitably creepy setting. And a fantasy spoof like Your Highness needs to have all those things that make an epic fantasy fun: swordfights, creatures, sweeping visuals and a general sense of heroism and daring.

Your Highness has some of these things, but what makes it a misstep is not what it lacks, but what it has too much of: overly crude, repetitive jokes, cursing for cursing’s sake (the kind that isn’t funny, just there because they couldn’t think of anything else to say) and the kind of derivative plot that makes you wonder if they stole it from a junior high school student’s Dungeons and Dragons notebook.



Finally a red band trailer that really delivers. The last red band trailer I looked at for Paul made me wonder why the powers that be even bothered making one. Your Highness at least brought it with the Nymph “Booby trap” gag. I was sure I would only be seeing Your Highness for the scene shot below.


It seems that Natalie is ready to have some fun, even if it’s at her expense. I am hoping that we have seen most of the masturbation gags already and there are more inside fantasy story jokes to be had. I love a good balls or masturbation joke as the next 12 year old but as demonstrated by Transformers II there is a limit.

The film has a “Want to see” of 86 rating over at Rotten Tomatoes today, the movie opens April 8th starring Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman, and Zooey Deschanel.

Check out the red band trailer for Your Highness below, NSFW because of booby traps and such.