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Throughout the original Star Wars Trilogy, Han Solo had the looming threat of Jabba The Hutt looming over his head. Because he owed money to the intergalactic gangster, he was always one second away from abandoning the Rebellion so that he could remain in hiding. Jabba dispatched bounty hunter Boba Fett after him and when finally caught, Han was captured and frozen in carbonite, needing Luke and the gang to rescue him in Return of the Jedi. When we finally met him, he was a larger than life (and disgusting) space slug that ran his own palace under his iron fist and was finally stopped by Leia. But, was he really a bad guy?


If you were a non-believer of the amazing might of Chuck Norris, you better “check yourself before you wreck yourself” ’cause these next two video diamonds will have you begging for forgiveness. From the funnily demented mind that gave Youtube the ‘Annoying Orange’,¬† gives Chuck Norris enthusiasts brings their darkest gamer fantasy to life. We get to see Chuck Norris go head to head against some classic icons in the gamer world, and the stand outs from the set are the following:


Round 1: Chuck Norris Vs. ‘Angry Birds’


Round 2: Chuck Norris Vs. ‘Pac-Man’


Final Round : Chuck Norris Vs. ‘Super Mario Bros.

I’m sure that if it is between the ending for Super Mario Bros. with Chuck Norris or that with Super Mario, it seems that the ending with Chuck is ten times better. Hello, finally they don’t deal with all the crud with the “other castle” and just get straight to…Bang! Bang! BANG! What other video game would you fantasize as being 10x better with Chuck Norris as a main character?

The infinite amount of videos available on the web can make a person feel like they don’t have enough eyeballs on their face to ingest the Youtube, Collegehumor, and viral videos available. But today, we’re making it one step easier for you, we ‘ve just received word of what looks to be the best of all your zombie wet-dreams put into an animated web-series. “Zombie Murder Explosion Die!”, built by the creative minds at Sonic Bunny Productions this web-series is said to feature all the things we love about the zombie apocalypse and takes out all the chit chat that we don’t.

This trailer, released as part of the line-up of web-series’ set to feature this season, seems portray the show as a parody and over-dramatizes the zombie-apocalypse in a way that makes it more comical than scary. The show’s plot synopsis is as follows:

“ZMED guarantees each of the things in its title in every episode! Zombies, Murder, Explosions, and Death!
Lots and lots of zombie death! What’s not to like, right?

The series follows our tech-addicted teens as they epically fail their way through a zombie apocalypse. We have no idea how these guys are surviving cause zombies are mean motherf*ckers! And our guys have no survival skills…well, except for Jack.” –

The first episode of the series is set for release, February 6th. So take a look at this new video if you have the chance, seeing as The Walking Dead won’t be back on until February 12th this show will give you something else to crave your zombie needs.

DC Logo Causes Hysterical Hysteria

When I sat down at my computer to check on the slew of information on Facebook, as is custom for me, I happen upon an odd photo on my News Feed. I do a double-take and sure enough it is the “new” DC Logo. In the past year DC has made a lot of changes, and people have been on the spectrum of giving an overt amount of concern over it while others have been nonchalantly taking it for what it was dishing out and only complaining if needed. First looking at the logo, I didn’t get it.

It almost felt to me like they were making me undress the C of DC, and giving it attention I didn’t necessarily care to give it. So with my obvious confusion on the “meaning” behind the new logo, I’m given a video that hilariously and outrightly puts me at ease on the whole situation.

Another wonderful little gem by Youtuber PatrickWillems, that give us a chuckle makes us realize “Meh, we’ll get used to it…eventually.”

Bizarre Groundhog Day Music Video


I am almost speechless regarding this video, which is comprised of only video clips and audio from the classic Bill Murray comedy, Groundhog Day.

YouTube user HomeStarRunnerTron says that it took him over eight months to lovingly craft this, and it certainly is impressive! It is weird, of that there is no doubt, but impressive nonetheless.

Is it impressive in a good way, or a bad way? On that, I leave up to you.

Check out the video below, and let us know what you think of it in the comment section below.