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If there will be a lingering fallout to the overwhelming success of Jurassic World, it won’t be a coming glut of dinosaur films at the multiplex, but a number of films that aren’t reboots of beloved franchises, but continuations. Jurassic World is an example of nostalgia done right, and if it can work for one Steven Spielberg property, then why can’t it work for another? For a long time now, there’s been significant effort to reboot Gremlins, but now the powers that be are looking at the success of Jurassic World and saying, What might Billy and Gizmo be up to 30 years after the original? (more…)

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Did you ever stare at Billy’s crotch on the original poster for Gremlins?  Well some guy did, and in doing so, revealed an Easter egg fans of the film probably never noticed. What is it? Well, you’re gonna have to read on through to find out, but first, let us take a moment and reflect on Joe Dante’s classic film, with a few fun facts thrown in along the way. We’ve even got a 30 years later cast photo!


In the summer of 1984, a little movie called Gremlins came out and it taught us all about the value of proper pet care, and the hidden dangers of Christmas shopping at curio shops run by racial stereotypes. But mostly it taught us to love. It taught us the love of seeing scaly-skinned puppets terrorize a small town, and it taught us to laugh. Am I exaggerating? Possibly, but one thing I can’t deny is that I’ve never seen this video before…. (more…)