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The late summer is not particularly well-known as a time to catch quality flicks. Might Hitman: Agent 47 be an exception to that rule? It’s highly doubtful, but still, there remains a chance, however slim, that this might be something you’ll enjoy. Let’s test that, shall we? Below is the final trailer for the new film based on the long-running IO Interactive video game series, and it promises some pretty brutal looking action. Good thing, because that’s pretty much what the video game promises and delivers with every chapter. But will Agent 47 be any good on a creative or narrative level? Who can say? It sure looks awesome though. (more…)


After a slew of production delays, Star Trek 3 (tentatively titled Star Trek Beyond) has officially started filming, but Paramount Pictures is looking even farther ahead than that. They’ve reportedly signed Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto to reprise their leading roles as Kirk and Spock, respectively, for the 4th installment of the sci-fi franchise. These deals aren’t a guarantee for a fourth movie, though; Paramount will see how Star Trek 3 fares in theaters first before any concrete plans come into play. (more…)


Agent 47 is back and he’s on a mission that will leave corpses and destruction in his wake. This is director Aleksander Bach first feature film, at least according to IMDB and it looks to be a fun action packed ride. Michael Finch (Predators, The November Man) and Kyle Ward (Machete Kills) wrote the script for Hitman: Agent 47 which stars Rupert Friend, Hannah Ware, Zachary Quinto, Ciarán Hinds, and Thomas Kretschmann. (more…)


While Tim Kring’s 2006 television series Heroes may have left a bad taste in some mouths, one thing that most fans had in common was the love of the characters.  Viewers were genuinely interested in what would happen to Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia); audiences cheered anytime the series focused on Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka); fans truly believed that if Peter saved the cheerleader, Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere), he could save the world.  While the good guys were fun to rally behind, there is no doubt that audiences absolutely adored big baddie, Sylar (Zachary Quinto).  The moment a reboot of the series was announced, titled Heroes Reborn, fans wanted to know who would be returning and started crossing their fingers in the hope that their favorite characters would reappear.  Unfortunately, while he played what was undoubtedly one of the most popular roles on the series, Quinto has squashed any hope fans had for the return of the super cool villain. (more…)


Remember when we earnestly rejoicing when it sounded like Joe Cornish might be behind the lens for the third Star Trek movie? Ah, the good ol’ days of…two months ago?

Then, just a few weeks ago, it was reported that writer/producer Roberto Orci was lobbying for the director’s chair for the as-of-yet untitled, Abrams-less installment. Today, Deadline is reporting that Orci has entered negotiations with Skydance Productions and Paramount to helm the film and is the frontrunner for the position.

Quoth Gary ‘Jonesy’ Jones: “I’m filing this in the “Who Gives A Shit” section of my Memory Warehouse.”



Hey, here’s a… story. It’s your first look at the new film version of Hitman. You remember the 2007 film Hitman, don’t you? It starred Timothy Olyphant and Olga Kurylenko and was directed by Xavier Gen (who’s also made the ‘X’ segment of The ABCs of Death). If you don’t then that’s okay, because the producers of Agent 47 certainly hope you don’t end up recollecting it. The new film is currently being shot in various locations of a European type, sometimes outside, which is how we got the spy-pic posted below. (more…)


So remember when Zachary Quinto told everybody that Star Trek 3 would probably be shooting sometime next year and that J.J. Abrams would likely be back at the helm if it can possibly be helped. This despite the fact that Star Trek Into Darkness has barely been released with mixed reviews and less than stellar box office, and, oh yes, Abrams is currently prepping his next film, a little thing called Star Wars Episode VII.

Another person confused by all this is Roberto Orci. And if he’s out of the loop, it’s no big deal, he’s only been a co-writer/co-producer on both previous Trek films. Orci, while talking to Zap2It at Comic Con this past weekend, shared his surprise at Quinto’s news and wants to know what Mr Spock supposedly knows on the subject of Star Trek 3.

“I’d love to have J.J. back. We’re still talking to Paramount about what the scheduling might be and if we can all do it together again, but yeah I read that too and I was like, ‘Whoa, does [Quinto] know something I don’t? I’d better call him.’ He owes me a call.”

You heard the man, Zack. Call him! In fact, call us to. Nerd Bastards would love an exclusive.

More news as it develops.

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Zachary Quinto recently appeared at the 2013 Galway Film Fleadh last Friday to discuss his career and some of his current and future projects. There were a couple of interesting tid-bits that came out of the talk. When asked about his role as Spock in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek films, Quinto told the audience:

Star Trek 3 should be filming, I suppose, next year. It’s going to be made a lot quicker than the last one. That’s the plan, although nothing is confirmed yet.

He was then asked if he would want to appear in Abrams Star Wars Episode VII, and Quinto said he would not, without providing any specific reason. Why no one followed up on that question is anyone’s guess. The other interesting Star Trek bit was that Quinto also mentioned Abrams plans to direct Star Trek 3. Many were of the opinion that Abrams might hand off those reins while working on the new Star Wars movie and take a more executive producer type role.

Quinto then went on to discuss his current project, directed by Big Bang Theory star Simon Helberg (Howard Wolowitz) and his wife Jocelyn Towne. Quinto called it “a semi-autobiographical romance” and used it to explain the beard he is currently sporting below.


Later, he went into great length about his relationship with Leonard Nimoy and his wife, recounting the ways the veteran actor inspired him, in both his acting and his personal life. An audience member then asked if he would follow in Nimoy’s footsteps and make a cameo on The Big Bang Theory, Quinto said he would love to.

My cardboard cutout has already been on it, you know. I had to give my permission for them to use it. I love Simon and I also worked with Johnny (Galecki) on a new film called The Invitation (also starring Luke Wilson and Topher Grace). I have been mentioned two times on it, actually.

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There’s something you guys should know about me right away, before we even get in to talking about Star Trek Into Darkness. It’s gonna make some of you uncomfortable, and it might even make some of you distrust every single thing I say about this movie from here on, but it needs to be said, because you need to know the perspective from which I was approaching seeing this particular film. So brace yourselves, Trekkies. Take a deep breath. We’re all gonna get through this. Ready? OK: I loved J.J. Abrams’ first Star Trek movie. I mean, flat out, caveat-free, absolute love. I came out of that movie feeling refreshed and overjoyed and itching to see it again, and then of course I looked at the internet. I was sincerely baffled by all the hate some viewers threw at that flick. I thought they were nit-picking. I thought they were actively seeking reasons not to like it, instead of just sitting back and enjoying this new interpretation. “You don’t get to decide what ‘real’ Star Trek is,” I would argue. “It’s for everybody. It always has been. Just because the Kobayashi Maru scenes didn’t live up to your particular moral interpretation doesn’t mean it’s not a good movie,” I said. I embraced the popcorn exuberance of that film, and four years later I’m still unabashedly embracing it. I still love that movie. So, why am I telling you all of this? Because, Star Trek haters, after seeing Star Trek Into Darkness, I can finally feel your pain.