The Geek Zodiac: For a Horoscope You Can Trust


If you’ve ever wondered just where exactly you fit in, where your name is written in the stars of the Geek Galaxy, this awesome Geek Zodiac from James Wright and Josh Eckert is just what you’ve been looking for. Just like the Chinese Zodiac, it classifies you based on what year you were born, and each of the 12 signs rotates every 12 years (as you can see, we’re living in the Year of the Superhero right now).

Find your birth year and read your attributes. I, for example, am an Alien (I won’t tell you what year I was born…OK, fine, it was 1926, now GET OFF MY DAMN LAWN YOU PUNK KIDS!). This means I’m, among other things, “intelligent, diplomatic, and suspicious,” all of which are things I’d probably consider true. The chart also gives you various examples of your sign in the world of things Geek. Alien lists the alien from Alien, the Thing from The Thing and my personal favorite, the Triffid (I’m an 85-year-old Triffid, bitches!). Click the image above to make it full-size, and research signs for yourself and your friends to your heart’s content. Then, you know, start debating who would win in a fight if you were literally your sign.

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Holy crap does this sound cool!  David Milch who is currently working on a horse racing series for HBO called Lucky is set to pen an adaptation of the video game Heavy Rain.  For those of who don’t know much about the game it’s sounds pretty badass!  Here’s a quick synopsis,

Heavy Rains story is a dramatic thriller modeled after film noir, featuring four protagonists involved with the mystery of the Origami Killer, a serial killer who uses extended periods of rainfall to drown his victims. Ethan Mars is a father who is trying to save his son from being the next victim, while investigative journalist Madison Paige, FBI profiler Norman Jayden, and private detective Scott Shelby are each trying to track down clues to the Origami Killer’s identity.

Film Noir film style never seems to go out of style and occasionally makes comebacks (Brick, Veronica Mars season 3).

The plot somewhat resembles Zodiac and it will be interesting to see how the project will unfold.  I love gritty mystery stuff like this and really hope that it turns out well.  Rarely, can video games be turned into good films except for Resident Evil in my opinion (the first one at least), but there seems to be a lot there with Heavy Rain’s plot and if Milch is working on a project for HBO then most likely  he has the talent to pull this thing off!

Do you guys think this sound like a cool adaptation and if so who would make for some cool casting for the project??

Source: GeekTyrant