Zoe Salanda


I have to admit to being completely on the fence since Guardians of the Galaxy was first announced.

For starters — I’ve never been a hardcore comics kid, nor am I particularly a fan of Marvel’s brand of popcorn plasticity. The MCU pictures are only slightly interesting from a filmic outlook, while Guardians as a property is a complete unknown entity to me. A talking raccoon and a tree in locked in cosmic battle with a horde of spaced invaders? Sounds like something more fit for the side of an 80s metal band’s tour van than a multiplex silver screen. Then James Gunn was announced as director/co-writer and my interest level was raised (though I still can’t cop to being completely conned). Slither is a damn good rehash of Fred Dekker’s Night of the Creeps and Super is so dark and personal that it’s hard to dismiss (though I still don’t know if I’ll ever be able to say I’m a “fan” of the film). Could Gunn actually retain his Troma roots? Or would the somewhat boardroom-authored MCU Universe excise what made his previous output special in favor of their factory-line assembly process. Thankfully, the answer is the former, as Guardians of the Galaxy is 110% a James Gunn joint to, to the point that it might be the only Marvel movie to retain its author’s somewhat auteurist voice, marking the first time the filmmaker was valued over the brand. (more…)


There’s just a touch over two weeks to go until the August 1st premiere for James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy and that marvelous marketing machine that is Marvel Comics isn’t missing a beat when it comes to getting everyone’s butt into a theater seat opening weekend. This time around we’ve got two new television spots and the complete video of Kevin Feige‘s, Marvel Studio‘s President of Production, UK Press Roundtable Interview. (more…)


James Gunn really loves him some 70s rock, don’t he?

The second Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is here and it certainly fleshes out the teaser that came before, sticking with Blue Swede’s “Hooked on a Feeling” as the main riff (while also injecting a little Norman Greenbaum in that ass). Best of all? It puts Chris Pratt front and center, yet again proving that Marvel’s casting decisions are really what make these movies so special.



Oh fuck off.

I’m sorry. It’s early (for me at least), I’m grumpy and Roman Polanski still stands as one of my all-time favorite filmmakers. He was an artist who could wring a moment for all of the dread and paranoia it was worth; a consummate cinematic purveyor of disquiet and angst. Now, in their infinite wisdom, some NBC Executives have decided that they should remake his seminal 1968 masterpiece into a two-part miniseries event! Starring Zoe Salanda (Avatar) and some bland white actor who isn’t the great John Cassavetes (Google tells me he’s Patrick J. Adams from Suits?)! Today we get a quick look at the redux, which promises a very polished and sanitized version of the icky weirdness Polanski perfected over thirty-five years ago.