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I remember going to Toronto’s National Fan Expo the summer after Lost Girl aired its first season, and this was back when the Expo was confined to the south end of the Metro Toronto Convention Center. The Q&A for Lost Girl was set for 11 am Saturday in one of the medium sized panel rooms; it wasn’t the huge one reserved for the celebrity guests, but it wasn’t one of the small ones reserved for comic book discussion or indie film screenings either. Arriving at the Q&A, it was apparent that this “small” Canadian show had struck a chord, because it was standing room only. Four years later, Lost Girl is still filling rooms at Fan Expo. Bigger rooms. (more…)


As the fourth season of Lost Girl comes to a close, we try to unravel once and for all who’s who, what’s what and how it all fits together. As I’ve noted, the last couple of episodes there’s a lot of loose ends to tie up, and a lot of them don’t tie so easily together, so it will be interesting to see how the show handles them. Whether its Bo’s father the ancient evil, or the druid with severe to excessive mommy issues, let’s just say there’s a lot at stake for just one episode of Lost Girl. (more…)


After last week’s Lost Girl info-dump we catch our breath slightly as we retrace the steps Bo took to free Rainer, while the now shut out triad of Kenzi, Dyson and Lauren go out on their own to solve a case Bo-less. But while the case of the week was rewarding for being actually quite funny and charming at many points, Bo’s flashback to the rescuing of Rainer from the ghost train was never really explained to my satisfaction, not to mention why Bo went all out for some guy she just met. (more…)


What’s a Lost Girl to do with a big old jar of smoke? Open it, of course! Come on, when Kenzi gave Bo the jar last week, did you really expect this to go any other way? Naturally, the jar doesn’t contain what you think, but what jar ever does? In other news, we get insight into Trick’s hidden history, Tamsin’s issues, and what The Wanderer wants and what it means for the gang. (more…)


If you were somewhat confused by this week’s Christmas-y themed Lost Girl, it’s understandable. Granted, the holiday our fae friends were celebrating is somewhat, ahem, made up, but it is called Yule, and it does borrow a lot of Christmastime imagery, and Krampus is the reason for the season. The explanation is simple, this episode originally aired during the holiday season in Canada on Showcase, but considering that many places in North America still look like a winter wonderland, we can let the exact time slide and just enjoy the company of old friends in somewhat merry times. (more…)


On initial reflection, if we’re going to spend a week poking around in someone’s memories, shouldn’t it be Bo? I mean, it’s not like there’s a season and a half long mystery waiting to get answered, is there? But once this week’s Lost Girl went into full-throttle, what was gained as an appreciation for a card that the show doesn’t play that often: the flashback. Other shows with characters more than century old – your Vampire Diaries, your True Bloods – revel in the chance to show their characters in period dress, but Lost Girl though doesn’t go there too much. It’s not the only reason, but it is the main reason, why “La Fae Époque” was a winner. (more…)


When the episode starts with opera singing, you know it’s going to be a classy affair. This week’s Lost Girl felt like a back-to-basics adventure where Bo, perpetually raging against the machine, tried to help another locked between a rock and hard place, someone with the desire to be free from centuries of tradition to live their own life, their own way. The Una mens and the who’s-dark-now questions seemed to take a back burner, but Bo’s questions get more questions as to how she became dark, and what’s Wanderer/Reynor/Dad got to do with it? (more…)


Yup, Bo is dark, and her reaction is predictable. “Bull$#!%” she tells the Una mens. “You think I’d remember betraying everything I stand for.” The short answer is that yes she did, and no she doesn’t. After last week’s sort of middling outing, Lost Girl found its mojo again as Bo dealt with the repercussions of her supposed allegiance, Lauren has a surprising return to town, Vex suffers a shocking loss, and Kenzi takes in another stray. (more…)


This week’s Lost Girl recap comes in really, really late. The truth is that work’s been backed up since the weekend, but really, I’ll just pretend that “Turn to Stone” was a standard exercise in the old TV series trope where the writers take a breather from doing anything too daring as they walk back all their characters from the cliff they were left hanging on at the start of the season. No big deal, it’s part of what makes TV as warm and familiar as an old blanket, but that doesn’t mean you have to do something so dull. And if there’s one word you don’t want to associate with Lost Girl, it’s dull. (more…)


It was supposed to be a day of big change, but everything fell apart in the end. Instead of “Hail to the Chief,” the record of choice was R.E.M.’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine).” With a missing doctor, missing Fae, and a whole lot of questions left unanswered, we open last week’s installment of Lost Girl.

Bo and Dyson go to Lauren’s apartment and find it empty, worse still everything there screams that she abandoned it. Later, Dyson updates Hale on the mass grave he and Tamsin found, 18 dead Fae, Light and Dark, were buried there.

Bo tries to relax before the inauguration with a bath, only to be interrupted by a completely drunken Tamsin. “Where do you get off being so perfect?” Tamsin says in sweet, beautiful drunk talk. Tamsin’s clearly on about something, but Bo’s hardly in a mood to try and figure it out, or play along. Especially after Tamsin gets in the tub with her.

Meanwhile, Kenzi helps set up the celebration at the Dal for Hale’s inauguration, and given the way Hale’s treated her lately, she’s not pleased. Maybe I’ll start a union for human companions to the Fae, Kenzi opines. But Trick warns her that that didn’t work out so well for Jimmy Hoffa. Natch. During the course of the evening, Kenzi keeps bumping up against a Fae named Mossimo, he warns her that she will always feel like an outsider to the Fae, and, if she wants, he can make the impossible happen for her. As in he can make her Fae.

At Isaac’s lab, Lauren’s making a breakthrough, but there’s something about these organic compounds that Isaac’s developed that seems all too familiar. Lauren is more than a little curious about Isaac’s intentions, and he tells her that all he wants to do is make humans better through genetics, to help humanity evolve to another level. Undaunted, Lauren does a little snooping of her own and discovers exactly where Isaac gets his material: he’s the man behind the Fae mass grave, and he’s using Fae genes to make humans better.

Back at the Dal, Dyson gets kidnapped by human paramedics posing as Fae, and some incriminating evidence left at the scene points to Lauren’s involvement. The Morrigan, who was at Hale’s inauguration at the new Ash’s invitation, calls for a gathering of the Fae elders to decide on a course of action, and to hold a vote of non-confidence in Hale. More than that though, The Morrigan calls for the immediate arrest of all human companions to the Fae, starting with the unaligned succubus’ favourite, Kenzi.

But while all this is going on, Bo returns to Lauren’s apartment only to find a slightly more sober Tamsin squatting there. Reluctantly, Bo recruits Tamsin to help her track down Dyson, but in the process Bo discovers Tamsin’s little secret, or rather a piece of it. She finds the mystical pill bottle where Tamsin has the hairs meant to bind Bo for her mysterious former boss.

As the hour winds down, Tamsin and Bo manage to find Dyson’s location at Isaac’s heavily protected compound, but before they can get a closer look, they’re jumped by some guards and Tamsin is shot. Meanwhile back at the Dal, Trick manages an escape only to get kidnapped and tossed in the trunk of a car. Kenzi is arrested, but before she’s taken away, Hale gives a little trinket to protect her, and a big, passionate kiss.

As for our man Dyson, it appears that Isaac puts his subjects through a fight club to determine that he’s got the best specimen. Dyson defeats his opponent, and ends up back in the stocks. When Lauren discovers the full extent of Isaac’s operation, including Dyson, she too ends up imprisoned. But they’re not alone. In the plastic cage across the room, none other than Aife, Bo’s mother, is imprisoned right beside them.

Which brings us to this week’s season finale. Here’s the precap:

1) The Plot Thickens – Last week I compared Isaac to Brian Cox’s character from X2: X-Men United, but it turns out that he’s more like Syndrome from The Incredibles, a wannabe driven by anger and jealousy to become Fae himself. Oh, and he’s a little crazy too.

2) Case of the Week – The Great Escape. Dyson and several other Fae, including Bo’s mother Aife, are trapped in Isaac’s compound. Tamsin’s been shot and Bo is unable to revive her. The Fae are in turmoil, now locked in a presumptive state of war with the human race. The Ash is missing, so to the Blood King. And Bo’s BFF is in the custody of the Morrigan. Could things get any worse?

3) Things Get Worse – It turns out that Dyson became Isaac’s target because of Aife’s white lie. Isaac wanted to know who the most powerful Fae of all was, and Aife told him it was Dyson rather than the real answer, which is Bo. Also, one of the Sunshine Happy Gang is dying, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. And hey, does anyone else think that being the Ash is a lot like being Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts?

4) What About Kenzi? – After being arrested at the end of last week’s episode, Kenzi finds herself in the company of The Morrigan and her hired goon, Bruce. So Kenzi’s in a bad way, right? Never underestimate the sidekick. She can stand up to The Morrigan, convince another loyal sidekick to betray his boss, and make sudden, life-altering decisions.

5) Seduced By the Dark Side? – Lauren’s in big, big trouble. Isaac is pushing her to continue with her experiments, but Lauren won’t hear it. She can’t go back to the Fae either, they all think she’s a traitor. So what is doc, ex-con human going to do? Does “if you can’t beat them, join them” ring a bell?

6) Old Friends – Keep an eye out for the reappearance of a couple of old friends during the hour. One Dark Fae in particular will be welcome returnee for long-term fans of the show.

7) Don’t Trust Aife – No, really. Even when you think she just might be crazy enough to trust, don’t trust her. I can’t stress that enough.

8) Who Snatched the Blood King? – Let’s just say it’s someone we know, and their motives may not be as sinister as originally thought?

9) Burning Questions – “Do we have time for a makeover?” “Is my daughter okay?” “Are you losing your edge?” “Do you guys know where the mall is?” “Did you know my name isn’t even Lauren?”

10) How Does it End? – The Wanderer card left behind now has two figures standing in it.