When I first heard word of a Dutch ZomCom (that’s a zombie-comedy, btw) coming out next month, my initial response was ‘suppose it’s time to rip of Shaun of the Dead‘. Hell, the first 30 seconds or so of the trailer for Zombibi told me my suspicions were correct. Then, right turn into awesometown.

Damn, the Dutch know how to make a zombie comedy. It has everything you’re looking for. Gory deaths via shotgun, machine gun, crossbow and, yes, desktop fan. Granny zombies. Limbs flying every direction, weird green kool-aid blood. Explosions. Oh, and of course one smoking hot zombie killing Dutch chick cop.

Zombibi hits theaters in the Netherlands on February 16th (road trip?). You can check out the trailer, which is NSFW due to gore and the fact that the f-word in Dutch is still just the f-word, after the jump.


FOX to Develop Zombieland Sitcom

Did you know zombies are totally the new vampires? With The Walking Dead making cable ratings its prison bitch it’s only a matter of time before the big 4 networks try to cash in. Well, apparently that time has already passed because Fox TV is hard at work on a Zombieland TV series. That will apparently be a sitcom.

*canned laughter*