The dynamic duo of Derek and Hansel are back, with the sequel to arguably the most quotable movie ever made: Zoolander.  Oddly enough, the original wasn’t that big of a hit back in 2001 when it premiered in theaters; earning only enough to place 55th out of the highest domestic grossing films of that year, behind projects like Rat Race and The Animal.  The cult classic status it has accrued since then will most likely garner some major numbers this time around, however.  Read on for the plot summary of the film, the international trailer, and promotional poster for Zoolander 2! (more…)


Justin Bieber has just tweeted a picture that hints he might have joined the cast of Zoolander 2. While my first impression was that this was just another Bieber prank, like the time he tweeted out the Batman V Superman script hinting he might be Robin, there’s evidence in the form of Ben Stiller‘s Instagram that this might not just be another Bieber run around. (more…)


Zoolander is one of the guilty pleasure movies that sneaks up on you. It is so outrageous, stupid, and gut busting funny that if I find it while channel surfing, that afternoon is shot to hell. Ben Stiller was recently making the publicity rounds for Noah Baumbach‘s While We’re Young and when asked about Zoolander 2 had some insight on why it took so long for Zoolander 2 to get off the ground. (more…)


Ben Stiller is one of those actors that tends to win a few and lose a few.  For every Permanent Midnight, there’s an Along Came Polly; for every Reality Bites, there is a Meet the Fockers.  One of those big wins was 2001’s Zoolander, a project that was written and directed by Stiller, in which he starred as an egotistic male model that was as intelligent as he was handsome.  While Stiller’s Derek Zoolander was definitely the star of the film, Will Farrell brought on plenty of the laughs as fashion designer and brainwashing bad guy, Jacobim Mugatu. Zoolander 2 has been rumored for quite some time but, like Ghostbusters, the sequel news ebbs and flows depending on who happens to be holding the microphone whenever the subject is brought up.  Well, it looks like Zoolander 2 may finally be getting some traction, and one of the original stars has confirmed that after a long wait, the script is ready to go. (more…)