It’s been over ten years since Antonio Banderas donned the mask of Zorro. In that time, the world has seen all manner of financial crisis, grassroots uprisings, and evidence of a complex network of tax havens and shell corporations to hide the wealth of the wealthy. Perhaps more than ever before, the world needs the likes of Zorro, a protector of the common people against the tyranny of a corrupt establishment. Lantica Media and Sobini Films are going to deliver a Zorro for the 21st century and it appears as though it will be in the form of famed Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal.


Futuristic ‘Zorro’ Movie Gets A Director


It seems that you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a super hero movie in Hollywood these days. No less than 7 of them are set to come out this year alone just from DC and Marvel. And recently, smaller comic publisher Valiant Comics announcing that they will be throwing their properties into the mix some time next year. it seems that the time may be right for some non-mainstream heroes to hit the big screen, and now a long circulated reboot of the Zorro franchise looks like it is making serious headway with the announcement that they have finally signed a director.



No whining and complaining, folks. With the proliferation of remakes, reboots and unneeded sequels in our day-and-age, it was only a matter of time before someone went back to pillage the Zorro franchise. This time it’s Sony and now they’ve got themselves an honest-to-goodness writer onboard in the form of Chris Boal. (more…)


Many film makers these days are shooting teasers or concept trailers to entice studio executives to get on-board and give new projects that much desired green light. While some never see the light of day, many make their way onto the Internet in hopes of generating enough buzz to re-ignite some financial backing momentum. This time around Zorro Reborn by director Ricardo de Montreuil is getting that Internet second chance at life. (more…)

DVD Tuesday 1/25/11


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