This is the year of Who. The show’s reached its greatest popularity, ever, and is steadily approaching its 50th anniversary. We’re currently in the middle of Doctor Who Season 7B, or Series 7 Part 2 to you Brits, and the anticipation is building with each episode. Who is Clara, this “impossible girl,” and how does she connect to the series’ golden anniversary? That’s the big question, at least it’s my big question. There are no coincidences, Victorian Clara’s birthday was November 23rd for a reason, I just know it! It’s either that, or Steven Moffat is an even bigger troll than we imagined.

Here’s what we know for sure about Who‘s big 5-0, it’s going to be epic. Recently Doctor Who writer Robert Banks Stewart teased Digital Spy about the baddies we’ll see in the 50th,

The Zygons are in there with all the others – particularly the Daleks and the Cybermen. [But] nobody yet knows what the plot of the 50th will be – Steven Moffat and his team in Cardiff, they are quite rightly keeping it all secret.

Except when they’re filming in front of hundreds of tourists at Trafalgar Square. Then it’s no so secret. But what other Who monsters and villains do you want to appear in the 50th? They only just reintroduced the Ice Warriors, I think they’ll likely show up again.

Definitely appearing in Who‘s 50th will be the Tenth Doctor – or is it his meta-crisis clone? – and Rose (Billie Piper). Hit the jump to learn how David Tennant feels about being back in the TARDIS.



I called it. I knew once filming began for Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary special we’d see photos leaked from the set; they just came little sooner than I would have thought. And now we know why the Beeb announced David Tennant, Billie Piper, and the Zygons’ involvement seeing as their traipsing around South Wales for all to see. Below you can check outa few images shot on set from both The Daily Mirror as well as a few amateur paparazzi,

There’s even more at Doctor Who TV. Judging from costumes and the few set pieces there’s speculation this scene takes place in medieval or even Elizabethan England. The Elizabethan thing is even more likely if you check out what Joanna Page is wearing. That plus her curly red hair and you’ve got a very convincing Elizabeth I, dontcha think? Could this be where everything began for The Doctor and Good Queen Bess? Also, you’ll note the TARDIS is on set and with Tennant there but no Matt Smith I’m beginning to think this is the Tenth Doctor proper, not his meta-crisis clone, TenToo.

Hit jump for those Season 7B leaked synopses, plus an introduction to this week’s episode, “The Rings of Akhaten” from Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman.



It was a big weekend for Doctor Who. Not only did it kick of its second half to Season 7 (Read our review here!) but the BBC dropped the bombshell both David Tennant and Billie Piper would be joining Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman for the 50th Anniversary. Whovians the internet-wide exploded, most with glee, others with disappointment, but not matter what folks were vocal. After finishing up the first read through the official Doctor Who Twitter and Facebook shared the above and below photos of the time the Tenth Doctor met the Eleventh,


The woman you probably don’t recognize and who’s most definitely not Rose is Joanna Page of Gavin & Stacy and is confirmed as having a role in the special. Just what that role is isn’t known, but some are speculating The Doctor’s granddaughter. I don’t know, maybe they’ll bring back The Doctor’s family since Susan, his granddaughter from the series’ first seasons, is appearing in the docu-drama from Mark Gattis about that period of Who history airing around the same time as the anniversary special. Again, lots of useless speculation, really.

But here’s something that’s no speculation – the Zygons are back! A classic Who villain quite popular among fans after only ever appearing in one seriel, the Fourth Doctor adventure, “Terror of the Zygons.” Here’s a look at their updated design,


BBC released this official statement along with the look at classic baddie,

We’re delighted to confirm that the Zygons are returning to Doctor Who for the show’s 50th anniversary special.

Aside from flashbacks these malevolent shape-shifters have only appeared once before, threatening Earth in the Fourth Doctor adventure, Terror of the Zygons. Despite the fact that their solitary outing was over thirty years ago they remain a popular old enemy and in the 2010 episode, The Pandorica Opens, they were amongst the massed aliens said to be gathering above Stonehenge. Later, in The Power of Three, we learnt that Zygons had one of their ships under the Savoy Hotel in 1890 and apparently replaced half the staff with imposters! But this time they really are back…

Does this mean the Zygons are the big bad in the anniversary special? I doubt it, but they’re inclusion makes me hopeful we’ll be seeing even more classic monsters.

The anniversary of Doctor Who is officially November 23rd, whether the anniversary special will air then or near then isn’t known, but I imagine they’ll shoot for a date as close to the 23rd as possible. But, we’ve still got a long ways to go before. First filming starts and hopefully we’ll see a few set reports, then we’ll see promotional material, and eventually trailers and clips. Ahh! There’s so much yet to come, I can’t wait!

Source: Doctor Who TV