It looks like Fox is doing everything in it’s power to erase the terrible tragedy that was the Fantastic Four movie and remind people that they have the X-Men. Not to mention, everyone else has been dropping their trailers, so why not do the same? Monkey see, monkey do. And it looks like they’re not done yet. If you order a trailer today, you’ll also get a poster, free of charge. It’s a pretty sweet looking poster as well of none other than the big baddie from the movie – Apocalypse.

Based on what this poster looks like, it seem that audiences’ will not be getting Ivan Ooze 2.0, but instead, they’re getting the big blue machine.

The first thing you may notice about Apocalypse’s look are the tubes that are part of his outfit. There’s one that seems to coil around his bicep and two more near the back of his head. These are similar to the tubing we’ve seen protruding from his suit in the comics. However, they’re more realistic in the movie and very exaggerated in the comic books. Also very similar is the huge collar. Again, it’s remenicent of his costume in the comics. However,that’s all your going to get from this poster. It’s a little tease. But the other things we can extract also include his white eyes and the blue and gray hue to his skin tone.

I have to admit, while I understand the attempt is to make him as realistic as possible, this isn’t my ideal Apocalypse. Growing up as a child during the 90’s, the cartoon version is the villain I grew up knowing, and it’s the villain I’d prefer to see on the big screen. That’s all a matter of taste. Yet, if they’re able to make a Hulk look good, why couldn’t they do it here? Take a look at this version.

Now this is someone not to be trifled with. Did you know that in the upcoming Deadpool movie, they created a comic book version of Colossus. Yes, he’s a towering 7.5-foot tall chunk of walking metal. That’s because the director, Tim Miller, is a fanboy of the character. He understood that the previous versions of Colossus on the big screen was not up to par with what could have been. So he made Colossus the way he though the character should have always been. And that’s what I think should have been done with Apocalypse. I don’t think it would have been too much. What they have now isn’t enough. Wouldn’t you want more rather than not enough? Am I making sense?


X-Men Apocalypse is due out in theaters on May 27, 2016.

Source: Comicbook.com


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