The Hollywood trend of taking a successful movie backwards from the silver screen to the small screen continues with the popular Liam Neeson vehicle Taken. Director Alex Graves (Game of Thrones, The West Wing) is on board to direct the pilot and the new series has just announced casting Clive Standon (Vikings, Camelot) for the lead role of Bryan Mills. What kind of show can we expect?Taken

Right off the bat we can see from the casting that we’re not getting the grizzled veteran of the Emergency Covert Action Team. Rather we’re getting to see Bryan Mills recruitment and training as a black ops agent. He won’t even be married yet, but it wouldn’t surprise anyone to have that eventually doomed love story and marriage as a sub plot in the series.

While the new series will be looking at Bryan Mills past, it will be set in the now, not the 1970’s or 80’s as in the movies. We can expect to see a lot of kidnappings, as that is the bread and butter of the ECAT, but don’t rule out some other black op in over their heads style action to spice things up.

The good news is that the series has been ordered straight to television at NBC and unless the pilot is a complete disaster, it won’t go through any lengthy executive approval process.


Does this mean that Standon’s Vikings character Rollo might be in for a bloody end? We last saw Rollo in Paris marrying the princess and leading a surprise attack on the remaining Vikings. Rollo’s brother Ragnar isn’t going to like that one bit. The brothers have fought and forgiven before, but this might be unforgivable for Ragnar now. If… well when really, the two come head to head there will be blood. Lots and lots of blood.

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