I remember being on the school playground in like 3rd or 4th grade and all the little girls (and some of the boys) had these key chains with about 30 Tamagotchi’s attached. And every single one was different! And if you asked any little girl about one of them she could tell you its whole life story. They came in so many different colors and you could choose to have a boy or girl. Really, the Tamagotchi was a blob that used to crap all over the screen. Eventually they came out with the Tamagotchi pets (cat or dog) that would crap all over the screen. Anyways, the things would always be beeping excessively and yet, I always wanted one. I don’t know why, but I did. Actually, come to think of it, it was like having a little video game. You could play games with your Tamagotchi, give it a bath, bring it to the doctor, feed it, and of course clean up after it (and I always thought it was gross how the craps had little vertical lines over it meaning it was hot and smelly…gross). But my biggest peeve was that it only had three buttons on the bottom of it that I could NEVER figure out! I was completely clueless as to which button did what. Well, this video I found is totally hysterical. It is what happens when you purposely let the little bastards die. Enjoy! (Sorry, couldn’t put the video in the post, just click the link)

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