Are you a socially awkward know-it-all? Do you view yourself in a kingly fashion? Would you like to win 100,000 dollars? If you’ve answered yes to all 3 questions, then you absolutely must take note of TBSKing of the Nerds. A reality competition series where nerds of all creeds – math freaks, comic book fan-boys, cinefiles, science geeks…etc – take their skills of fantasy and fantastical and do battle with their nerdy brethren for glory and a cash prize. The winner – and there can be only one – will sit upon “The Throne of Games” and be crowned “King of the Nerds”; with a $100,000 cashfall being awarded for the victory.

Season one saw hosts Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong (actors from Revenge of the Nerds) test the might of 11 nerdy contestants in skill, knowledge and physical challenges. Quadchoppers under fire, Segwey maze of doom, cosplay challenges, trivia, dance offs, nerdy anthems… narfuling the Garthok. OK, I may have made that last one up, but the array of trials were devious as they were enthralling.

Like any good reality series, there was a fair amount of “must watch” drama. Suspense, in-fighting, betrayal, as well as touching moments that did nerd kind proud. The crowning of season one contestant Celeste, for example, was particularly heart warming. A shy, non-confrontational, insecure dorky girl battled her way to victory, and won not just the title of “king of the nerds” but found confidence and discovered how to be nerdy and proud. While the show does play up the uncomfortable awkward nerd trope at times, it’s moments like Celeste’s win (and many other shining instances) in which TBS recognizes the culture, character, community, and sheer brilliance nerd kind have to offer.

In a world where trashy and despicable reality shows run wild, King of The Nerds is one of the few entertaining and encouraging programs. I never thought I’d say that about a reality show, especially one in which nerds are the focal point (feared ridicule), but truly, KOTN is show for us all.

If YOU think you have what it takes to become “King of the Nerds” and put all that impractical pop culture knowledge you’ve been acquiring/hording to good use, then you should try out for season 2. To apply, or find out more information click head on to nerdking.net. May the odds forever be in your favor.

Oh, and FYI, you’ll be contending with the likes of me. Yes, this nerd bastard has applied! Check out my audition tape HERE. Good luck!

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