Usually when you play an online game you’ll hear some colorful commentary. Like, “Go fuck yourself!” “That’s bullshit, how the fuck did you kill me, you lucky fucker, your dead next round.” “Yeah say that  to my face, punk, I’ll smack the shit out of you in real life.” “Hey bitch, go make me a sammich”. The trash talk is a regular and welcome occurrence, but what about those times when shit gets philosophical? What happens when gamers put aside their innate aggression and talk about the great mysterious of the world (all while killing and tea bagging mind you)? It’s rare, but it does happen. Case in point. A round in the class-based, multiplayer team warfare game Team Fortress 2 had a moment of deep thought. One gamer posed a very simple, but classic question: “If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” While some might have expected someone to respond with “I fucked your Mom” a noble, limey, British player answered. His reply was a moment of unexpected intelligence. His words were true and full of wisdom. He spoke and the world held still. OK, it’s really not that epic. In fact it’s not even that good. Just a moment in which a English lad uses his well spent English education and schools his fellow gamers. But, who knows maybe online play is the future place for great minds to come ponder and maybe resolve the mysterious of the world (all while killing and teabagging mind you).

Here is your moment of Zen:

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