The X-Men franchise has been on the big screen since 2000. Some hits, some missed but for the most part, we have been thoroughly entertained by the tales of mutants, the prejudices they have faced and the heroism by the X-Men as they have saved humanity countless times. Recently, Fox has decided to take mutants to the small screen. Earlier this year FX gave us a very adult themed show focusing on Professor’s Xavier’s (possible) son David Haller, a powerful mutant who happened to be going through schizophrenic episodes (courtesy of The Shadow King). The show Legion was a critical and commercial success. Fox realizes that they can tell even more mutant tales on the small screen and they ordered a pilot for a second mutant-centric TV series, Gifted.

Run by Burn Notice showrunner Matt Nix, Gifted focuses on a family who after they learn their child is a mutant go on the run from government agents. The worrisome parents are played by True Blood’s Stephen Moyer and Angel and Alias’ Amy Acker. The show promises to show a new world as the couple takes their child on the run via an underground community of mutants. Such famous X-Men characters like Thunderbrid, Blink, and Polaris will be appearing on the show. Fox released a teaser trailer for the upcoming show with a full trailer coming next week. Take a look.

Gifted has been ordered for a full season and appear in the 2017-2018 television schedule.

Source: TV Web

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