There’s no question Telltale Games‘ second game based on a popular comic book series is another feather in their cap. The first episode of The Wolf Among Us was a bonafide hit (read our review) and its second episode will no doubt surpass it. Episode 2, “Smoke & Mirrors” is expected to drop sometime next week. Here’s its latest and surprisingly red banded trailer,

Considering the HUGE cliffhanger the first episode left us with, “Smoke & Mirrors” has a lot of explaining to do. Something it will likely avoid at all costs, forcing gamers to make even crueler decisions leading to even more mind-fucking revelations. But as long as we can continue to kick the crap out of lowlifes as Bigby Wolf, I’m not complaining.

Episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us, “Smoke & Mirrors” will be available on Xbox Live, PSN, PC, and iOS.

Source: IGN

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