Arguably, the Terminator franchise has been in a slump. After two classic and awesome films, the franchise has been having diminishing returns (at least critically). The last film, Terminator Genisys was the least receptive of all the films surrounding the war of mankind versus Skynet. So much, that the further sequels had been canceled after that film. Lucky for us, earlier this year, James Cameron announced that he would produce the new films, to give them his touch that has been desperately been missing in most of the sequels and even though Paramount Pictures wasn’t going to make future films, the franchise was in no way “terminated.” It looks like their franchise star actor is ready to return as well.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the OG Terminator recently spoke with ScreenDaily during the Cannes Film Festival recently and the topic of future Terminator films and his involvement would be for the franchise.

“It is back. It is moving forward. [Cameron] has some good ideas of how to continue with the franchise. I will be in the movie.”

Should Arnold remain in the franchise? After his role as “Pops” in Terminator Genisys, it seemed as those the actor has aged out of the role. Even the explanation for him being a Terminator in the film was relatively weak. He’s paid his dues. We know he’s the Terminator. It would probably work best for him to have a cameo as a human, perhaps the human that all his terminator model was based on (in the future) would work best for him. Even though Cameron is producing the movie and not writing it (as he is going to be busy until the end of time with all his Avatar sequels), fans are hoping that he as a producer will have enough of an influence to make the story better than it has been in previous films.

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