Thanks George; Chewbacca Singing ‘Welcome to the Jungle’

What is scarier then Axel Rose? A a guy dressed like Chewbacca whose dressed like Axel Rose!  As part of Disney’s 2011 Star Wars Weekends ‘Hyperspace Hoopla”, Chewbacca closed out the festivities by performing  Guns and Roses’ ‘Welcome to the Jungle’. If you had any part of your childhood left  consider it  shattered and used as toilet paper for George Lucas to wipe his ass with . This  2 minute video, which I warn you will destroy everything that the franchise once stood for, has head banging Ewoks, girating Chewbacca, and  an Ewok Slash and Jawa drummers will have you safely agreeing that the dark side has finally won.

And here’s the entire “Dance off” complete with the Emperor dancing to ACDC’s ‘Back in Black’:

As if making the prequels wasn’t torture enough on these poor children, they had to endure the worst acting since Hayden Christensen. Appetite for Wookies is still yet to be released.

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