Now that the season finale has passed (and what a season finale it was!), you have had some time to digest everything that The Flash presented viewers during that story packed 60 minutes of television.  Well, at least, MOST of it.  One of the best scenes of the episode was the scene in which The Flash is zooming through the Speed Force.  As he heads to his past, Barry, and the audience, is presented with flashes of various points in time.  While some images are almost certainly alternate realities, there may be a preview or two of things to come and the images sped by so quickly that many missed the great things the showrunners threw in for them.  Well, we now have a video that slows things down a bit, so that you can take a look at everything the Speed Force has to offer.

A special thanks to YouTuber Wild Jr. for taking the time to slow things down for the rest of us!  Take a look at the video, which first gives viewers the scene in real speed before slowing things down:

For those that would rather take the fun out of it and don’t want to watch the video, in the Speed Force we see Barry moving in with the West family, Caitlin Snow as Killer Frost, The Flash Museum, Barry in prison with a visitor (Henry Allen?), the Legends of Tomorrow, and the night Nora Allen died.  As an added bonus, we get that great toss of the cap as a nod to The Flash’s comic book origins.

The Flash 8

The Flash did everything that a television series should do during its freshman season and there is no doubt that once it returns in the fall, the series will be pulling in even higher numbers in its wake.

How many images in the Speed Force did you catch during your first viewing?

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