The Twelve Days of Deadpool continued over the weekend with days six and seven where Deadpool gives fans a Year-Round-Up Christmas Letter and a peek at the script, along with his notes and questions. While everyone should enjoy this little 12 day Christmas miracle, just be glad Deadpool didn’t decide to give us the 99 Bottles of Deadpool.If you’ve never gotten a Christmas Round Up letter detailing all the wonderful things going on with whatever family sent it to you… count yourself lucky. Count yourself even luckier if you haven’t had to write a short paragraph for about yourself for one. Having your sweet new Ninja fighting skills and record-breaking marshmallows in the mouth count taken out of your year recap is paragraph heart breaking.


Here’s the script with Deadpool notes.


I really hope that scene is in the movie and not just something they made up for this gag. What other wonders are in store for the remaining days? Only Ryan Reynolds knows… and all those Fox marketing guys.


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