As we’ve come to see from The Daily Bugle tumblr account that’s been promoting The Amazing Spider-Man 2, names from the Spider-Man universe are being dropped left and right. References to Puma, Eddie Brock, Anne Weying, and The Enforcers have been dropped, and now we’ve got one more that could open the door to a whole bunch of other characters!

In the newest faux-article posted on the site, they reference Professor Miles Warren who, in addition to his career as a geneticist, is known as The Jackal in Spidey lore. As his alter ego, he’s known for cloning both Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker, leaving a lot of questions now that they’ve included him in their extended universe. Are we going to see Ben Reilly at some point in the series, and if Gwen dies like many are expecting, will the door be open for her to return?

With all of the villains that have been mentioned, it becomes increasingly unlikely that they’ll all be featured in one of the movies or have a major storyline, and while this one seems more like an Easter egg than anything, it’s also establishing a character that could come in handy later. Andrew Garfield doesn’t know if he’ll return for the fourth TASM movie, so kill him off in the third; if he wants to come back, bring in Jackal and Ben Reilly- if he doesn’t, start the casting for Miles Morales. They probably wouldn’t do something like that but, hey, it’s a thought.

Is the introduction of Miles Warren/The Jackal to the TASM films something you’d like to see, or would you rather the character stay as a nod to the comics? Let us know, and be sure to keep an eye on The Daily Bugle tumblr!


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