Sony has released yet another trailer for Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to the Internet. This time around it’s all about what Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) thinks about being Spider-Man. The good, the not so good, and the really, really bad stuff that comes along with those fantastic powers and that funky red and blue suit.

By now, some of you might be asking yourself, “What the hell is Thwap?” How do you Thwap out a trailer? That’s the past tense of “Thwip.” The sound Spider-Man’s web shooters make. Just look at the comic panel below if you don’t believe me.


Here’s the third trailer for the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that opens May 2nd.

I’m hoping that I can get over the whole “Mecha-Rhino” thing that has been bugging the hell out of me these last couple of months. I love Paul Giamatti, he’s a very talented actor, but that Rhino suit thing is just bouncing around in the back of my brain and won’t stop. Perhaps Giamatti’s portrayal will help win me over. If not, I’m thinking that a good steak dinner with a couple of Crown & Cokes might help loosen me up enough to not Fan-Boy Rage about it at the screening.

What do you think? How many villains are “too many villains” in a Spider-Man movie?

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